As I have been reminded, it is past +Tree Tuesday in some parts of the world... we are still going strong on the West coast. I have really enjoyed visiting all of your submissions and both +Christina Lawrie and I are really sorry if we did not get to all of you. There is no easy way to do this as all of your notifications are enmeshed with everything else. Anytime that we remark on something, we then get a notification for every remark thereafter. The searches are also a little cumbersome and not straightforward.

At any rate..... please remember to #treetuesday and put +Tree Tuesday in your circles. Also plussing myself +Shannon S. Myers and +Christina Lawrie helps too!

Here are a few early evening wonderful submissions for you. I will be back later this evening for one more!

Thanks so much and enjoy!!

+Jeff Smith

+Richard Ball

+Cora Triton

+John De Bord

+Ben Smith

+Lawrence Adams

+Angie Smith
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