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Play theme of Paganini in any key.

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Nice aerial footages of real flocking behaviour of sheeps.

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I created a new web based audio player that allows you to time stretch, pitch shift and loop audio files. I find it very useful for practicing guitar.

It's using a custom javascript phase vocoder running in web workers to do the timestretching. The UI is pure CSS (except for the logo). I hope you find it useful! I certainly had a blast creating it.

#javascript   #html5   #webaudio   #css   #css3   #guitar  

yesterday, I wrote

10 kind of people
those who know the binary
those who know it not

today I realize for it to be a Haiku, I belong to the latter

so maybe I'll change it to

10 kind of people
those who read the binary
and those who do not

#binary #haiku

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three.js r73 released

change log:

Back to 1 month releases! 621 commits this cycle.

Some of the new exciting features this time are +Ben Houston new mixer based animation system and PointLight shadow support (thanks @mkkellogg and @tschw!).

Thanks to we can now load AMF files and I also added a KMZ loader (Sketchup and Google Earth).

Talking about formats... At some point this month I wondered if I could somehow load files. The only format we support that Cinema4D supports is COLLADA. Unfortunately, the ColladaLoader is a bit out of control so I decided to start a new loader from scratch. It was the first time I had to read the COLLADA spec. Let me tell you, is not pretty...

Anyway, the new loader is going well and I've been able to load 200Mb+ files (the browser's xml is the one running out of memory). Hopefully next month we'll have materials and textures support.

Shadows also received a bit of love this month. Shadows no longer affect AmbientLight/HemisphereLight but we still have a long way to go to get proper shadows working.

More next month!

PS: Every time I write the change log I always find myself thinking "oh! I did that?" even just in one month cycle 😅

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behind mrdoob the "award-losing non-creative junior developer". 
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