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Well, I'm new to this... haven't quite figured it out yet!
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well at least we still have each other lol
It's not that difficult, but it would be interesting to see the first posts from FB, and compare how many people were saying this back then, after the move over from Myspace...
Just add a new circle named "the coolest person in the world". And then add me to it :). Welcome! I am not liking this whole...I can't write on someones page or message them. They better add those!!!
They have to control the obnoxious Jess! Lol

Lol!!! But, I miss u and would love to blast it all over your wall!!!! 
I miss you too - sorry for the long delay, I was distracted by america lol
I can't figure out how to change this first post I made from public to limited or whatever - is it stuck like this forever and ever and ever?
Post something new, to a limited audience, or delete the post and start new? I don't think you can edit where it goes once it's already gone..know what I mean?
And BOY we should talk soon. Hahah
but hurry cause dumbass me is going to delete this that lol you do make sense about how once its gone public..... :P
call me polly - I'd call you but it's late there!!
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