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Caci Nance
Farm wife, Southern Mama, Follower of Jesus Christ, & lover of coffee, monograms, and agriculture
Farm wife, Southern Mama, Follower of Jesus Christ, & lover of coffee, monograms, and agriculture

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31 days of Homecooking
I link lots of my memories in life back to food.  Lacy cornbread, banana pudding, red velvet cake, Christmas fudge, vegetable soup and much more. Typically it was made from scratch and frugal.  Since I'm on maternity leave and only have 4 weeks of paid leav...

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So much more than pictures
This week we were blessed to have newborn photos of our newest addition.  If you are local to us please check out Muggshot Studios . They are AMAZING to work! They take their time to ensure they get just the right shot. If you have ever tried to snap pho...

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Are you a babywearer?  Do you you use a soft structured carrier like a Tula or Ergobaby?  Maybe you are more of a stretchy wrap wearer or you like the feel of a woven wrap.  It might be none of the above and maybe you prefer a ringsling.  Check out all the ...

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4 Farmkids
A little over 2 weeks ago our family was blessed with our newest addition.   Sweet #Farmgirl2...she came into the world at 8 lbs and 10 oz and 18.5" long.   Everyone in the family is over the moon about sweet baby Cora Clark. For the Farmer & I we entered a...

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Flats Challenge 2017: Cloth Diapering & Camper Living
Since today is an open topic day I thought I would share a little about how we are making cloth diapers work while we are camper living at the farm until we get our house finished this summer. Our camper isn't as small as the one in the picture above but it...

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Flats Challenge 2017: Wash Routine
When someone says the words hand washing... everyone's mind to women beside a creek scrubbing clothes against rocks. However that is not the reality for most folks. While I do know there are people who still must wash their clothes this way. Most in the US ...

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Flats Challenge: Favorite Folds
There a many different ways to fold your flat diapers. I tend to use 2 folds almost exclusively because  1 is super easy and the other I've found to be the most absorbent fold.  These folds are new or life changing...but they work and that is what is most i...

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Flats Challenge 2017: My Stash
Over the last 9 years my cloth diaper stash has changed greatly.  This year I pulled out what I had and grabbed a couple of things I have been wanting to try out.  It was a great way for me to take inventory of what we really have and what we need for baby ...

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Flats Challenge 2017: Why, oh Why?
So who in their right mind would volunteer to use only cloth diapers and hand-wash for an entire week??  This girl!! For the last 4 years I have signed up to do the flats & hand-washing challenge.  Each year for a different reason.  You can read about my pr...

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Shop Saturday!!
Some of you may know that my "side job" is sewing. My love for sewing started years ago watching my Granny create amazing things for others.   That passion was passed on to me in the form of  clothes... I enjoying sewing for myself from time to time but  my...
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