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Bob Donahue
Scientist, Web Developer, Software Engineer, self-described Data Addict
Scientist, Web Developer, Software Engineer, self-described Data Addict

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A New Resource (and it's FREE!)
Somehow (I forget what I was doing at the time) I stumbled upon the  Généalogie du Québec et d'Amérique française  website (   It appears to be a community-driven site to compile a single family tree of Québec ancestors. I'm fi...

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Milestone Reached:  Person #40,000 Charles Prévost (1705-1743), a first cousin 10x removed {C:12,2}. So it's taking about 1 year to get each 10,000 people.   Most of the ones added in the last year aren't actually blood relatives: they're ancestors of in-la...

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There are some odd things, etc. that I have run across in Tanguay, Drouin, and the PRDH. Sometimes, there are footnotes in Tanguay in death or burial entries "dans l'église".   I can't figure out the context of this:  does it mean they literally died in the...

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More multiple inter-marrying within the same family, with 3 siblings each marrying their second cousins (e.g., "my father-in law's dad is my grand uncle").  I suppose it cuts down on postage costs when mailing Christmas cards...

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OK - Strap Yourself In - This Gets Complicated
So:  once upon a time there were two people in love:  Michel Lebeuf (c1710-c1764) and my 7th great-grand aunt Madeleine Tessier (1720-1798).   They married in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade in 1739 and had 12 children.  Three died at birth, and 8 of the remaining...

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More marriage weirdness - Noël Barabé (c1669-1747)
As I'm going through the family tree, I'm frequently surprised by the intricate circumstances of marital relationships I encounter.   We're continually fed this idea that live was MUCH simpler in days gone by, and that the norm was that one man married one ...

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Why doesn't Ancestry do better quality control (or let us do it)?
One thing that disturbs me is that I keep finding errors in the great-grandparents in terms of who their parents are.   Specifically, Isaac Tousignant (a 4th great-grandfather) had the wrong parents, which meant that designations up the tree (and then down ...

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Yes.  As unbelievable as it sounds, I am seeing someone.

A very sweet, awesome, mega-woofy someone.

His name is Jason.  :-)

He makes me feel like ME.

Kinda tired of being forgotten.  

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Linking 6th great-grandfather Pierre-Marie Lambert into the tree!
The Drouin Institute site is down, and has been almost all weekend, making it very difficult to move forward on the "great aunt/uncle" project (which I'm nearing 10% done). So, I've been poking around the "lower branches" of the tree, following up on hints,...
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