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Tosin Jegede
Former Child Singer, Founder &Programme Director of children's education focused charity organisation. Columnist with Sunday Tribune.
Former Child Singer, Founder &Programme Director of children's education focused charity organisation. Columnist with Sunday Tribune.

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More reasons to give children books....

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Get involved. with the work going on here in Nigeria

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Let's show love to little children with books this Valentine's Day.
14th February is International Book Giving Day.

Some of our children are leaving public primary schools without being able to read or write and we want to get to them before its too late. The ones that can read are reading 1-3 years below their class level.

This season of Love give a gift to child that they would love and cherish. One that shifts a child's perspective from the moment your gift is in their hands.

Donate a book to a child and help us provide extra help with teaching literacy.

Donate online Visa, Verve, MasterCard:

1Child 1Book
Tosin Jegede Foundation

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How keeping things simple makes you a productive entrepreneur

"What can you do to be a productive entrepreneur, focused on what really matters? Start by making your life itself simpler – become a minimalist."

#motivation #productivity #entrepreneurship

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Just got round to watching DAVOS #wef14 'Africa Next Billions' session.  #Nigeria Nice comments all round. Really was pleased with our President, Dangote and the Oxfam lady Winnie Byanyima was just fab. Goes to show the need of NGOs to be unbiased on various topics. 

It would be great if our government worked a lot more from the bottom up rather that only dwelling on what high level officials in their close circles inform them. Specially didn't like the comment President @JGoodlucktweets made about the friend in Abuja who had enjoyed 20 days of power supply. Off course the benefits of switching to the private sector is not yet being enjoyed by all. Personally in 5 Days I've had about 5 hours a day of interrupted electricity on the grid and spent N4,000 for two days on petrol to generate power, that's aprox. £14.80. And Just had to shell out another N4,000 for the next two days. Three people today told me they haven't had electricity in 5 days. I wish this sort of information would be communicated to the President Goodluck Jonathan to take into account when addressing the foreign media so he has a well rounded view of what's going on in Nigeria. 

You can watch the session here

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This songs still really sweet
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