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I already do this every month of the year, except for books.
Earnest noncombative question as I'm not sure I follow the logic. How are artists supposed to make a living? Some of the largest and most enthusiastic free thinkers are the artists, authors etc., who want progress, but how are they supposed to put food on the table?
by selling their work themselves... not that hard to put together a simple ecom site
+Nick Foti Maybe for you it is. Not so easy for some. How are they to market and reach an audience to make it worthwhile?
Authors, writers, artists, musicians etc., are not all capable of being code monkeys who can create their own marketplaces. However, those large corporate monsters should not be the only one's to decide what is popular and important, and market it to the masses either.

I don't know what the answer is, but I'm fairly certain that people are hurting right now, earnest, thoughtful people who are trying to put food on their tables. Not sure how this helps them?

Solutions must be created and they must be popular solutions that help people put food on the table, not take it off. IMHO.
I'm worried about where my money goes... I'm making the effort to not buy any games for a month (especially hard with a brand new PSVita (bought feb22)), but I'm worried about my Netflix account... I guess it counts as Legally obtained movies but it's not that bad, 8$ to the media companies...
I totally agree, +Alexa Alexa... The Internet seems to be the only uncontrolled media-distribution service, and they don't like that... They want to own the internet like they own TV and radio broadcasts.
Someone didn't plan this too well! March is the same month SXSW and WMC is - two of the LARGEST entertainment festivals in the world! Austin and Miami make WAY TOO much money for people NOT to purchase music, movies, games and books.
And putting two towns full of service industry folk and bartenders out of work. Way to make your point. You aren't going to hurt corporate america, you are going to hurt the middle class service industry folks - big record execs aren't the ones making money during these festivals, it's bands that are trying to get signed, trying to get their message and music across to a wider audience and the service industry that supports hundreds of thousands of people coming into both Austin and Miami.
?!? So getting a message across even if it hurts the wrong people is ok? That's stupid. How 'bout getting a message across and hurting only the ones that are in direct conflict with your message, not thousands of service industry folk.
No but it is to not purchase or download movies, music, games or books, which in March is never going to happen on a wide audience, at least not to the 1.5 million people going to those two festivals where in people will be downloading and purchasing music by the truck load. I'm not against the message, I'm actually for the message, just a bad month to plan it for, a lot of the same people that would be participating in the cause are going to these festivals.
Personally, I completely agree with BM, however I also think that one of the best ways to "hurt" the main targets would be to boycott certain summer blockbusters ( even only on the opening weekend), at least this way the industry would pay us some attention, for example : MIB 3 (Sony Entertainment) 25th of May. Could you imagine how much money they are expecting to make on the opening weekend? Imagine if feck all went to see it? Would they notice?
+Darren Dowdall now we're talking,

I know the don't download isn't actually supposed to hurt anyone, it's supposed to show that it doesn't hurt the record/movie industry, to show that downloading has a zero effect, or at least that's how the message started and then it went to don't purchase and it has become what it is now. Which will NOT hurt corporate america but will hurt small businesses. I've already started downloading all the free music that is being thrown up all over the place because of SXSW, I've got a stack of 20 CDs already - that will probably jump to more than 120 CDs by the end of next week.
+Joshua Kiley At least you're offering solutions and I respect that. But what of painters, sculpters, writers, screenwriters/playwriters etc.?

+Alexa Alexa So the ends justify the means? Not for me.
+Joshua Kiley May I suggest that focus should be two fold. The 2nd fold should be to offer market solutions to those who want to be independent from the corporate fatties? Redirect the traffic.
That will be easy. I'm middle class in a very poor and stupid country. Not buying shit is my regular monthly economics.

But if everyone else follows the idea we can actually.. you know.. make the markets flush a little. Like "its getting a bit warm in here dear, care to crack a window for me?"
With out corporations you would not be on your computers. We need corporations for supply and demand and to make certain goods and services. What we don't need is corporations running our government, which is what we have and what you guys are bitching about, or at least that's what it boils down to. That being said, it would take a supreme court case to over turn Citizens United - which would once again limit corporate influence over our elections, doing away with Super PACs and PACs. And then we would need 38 state's legislatures to ratify the constitution to make monetary lobbying the same a bribes (which it is!) and then 34 of those states to agree. This will NEVER happen, not while these legislatures make most of their money via lobbyists and their lives are driven by greed.
+Shaggy Rogers A lot of the money for merch at festivals goes directly to the artist. Same with ticket sales. Artists make more on touring than they do selling cd's through big box stores. Buy locally, support your artists.
+Trevor Ludwig I am and I do, but blanket don't purchase/download music, movies, games or books - sends the wrong message and only hurts small businesses. It will have a zero effect on corporate america.
Try the 5 or 6 local video game shops that are all locally owned and operated that carry said EA game and stay open because of festivals with 750K+ people come into Austin to geek out at the interactive SXSW
Not to mention all the local smaller game companies that show presence at SXSW interactive so that they can get their products to a wider audience
+Shaggy Rogers I don't know about that. I believe there was another one of these organized a while back, maybe during the napster fiasco, and it amounted to an appreciable loss of sales for stores like bestbuy.
I think if you know Anonymous at all, you get the idea that you should just not support the RIAA and MPAA in general and try to get others to not buy from big box stores for the month.
You're right though. I will go out of my way to spend more money to support a small mom and pop store almost always.
The message is Clear" don't buy Digital Shit"... 
I'll keep supporting the artists I want to support. But I'll make sure they get the money (and not some sort of record label).
The big corps make the contracts with the artists and market their wares for them.

Alternatives have to be made for the artists.

This current message is fine, but does nothing for the artists in the short or long term.

An entire process is going to have to be created for the little artist to reach a mass audience, otherwise, this is all a giant waste of bandwidth.

How to create a POPULAR market place where the consumer determines what is popular and "good" and where corporations do not control the selection of what is "good" and control the distribution and collection of revenue?
I'm sorry but I have to go again'st you on this and support one of my favourite developers in the world. Bioware. I will be buying ME3 on Friday (UK). I can't not support such a wonderful game and company. Not EA though YEUK! EWW!
Nothing is going to hurt, when you have a bunch of people that pretty much only download things illegally getting together saying they aren't going to pay for said downloads, well you get what you already have.
+Joshua Kiley That is cool, I will check it out. Music is leaps and bounds ahead of other arts, books are not far behind. But people need to learn about these alternatives and be redirected to them. Otherwise, they will take the easy road and buy their Apple device, or Sony device, or Samsung device, and be directed to those marketplaces included with the purchase.

You are on the right track, but you have to direct people. The Corps know this already. You have to make it easy for people, not just easy for Techies.

"Build it and they will come" applies here.
I they block us pirating ME3, there will be WAR! #exaggeration
+Trevor Ludwig is right about the bands making more money from their live shows than from music sales. As +Joshua Kiley has recommended, is the model that should be followed where the musician is giving some of their music away to get people to come to their live shows. The consumer doesn't need a facilitator like the RIAA to access an artist's music anymore. We can have direct access to the artists themselves now.
Personally I never go to the matter how much I want to see a particular movie. I always wait until the DVD releases hit the bargain bins as I feel that new releases are way over priced even on so called bargain sites such as or Amazon. If we all refused to be ripped off in such a manner then we may fare a little better in regards to the price we pay for our entertainment...
+Richard Green Yes, you're right, but the companies care about their profit margin... If they sell less products, they'll just jack up the prices to compensate. The problem, IMHO is the fact that a movie costs millions to produce... I'm 99% sure you can make a great movie for under a million $, and be able to sell it at 1$ a piece. But heh, I'm not in control of those greedy businessmen...
+Justin Drobey you should read up on elastic vs inelastic goods. The entertainment industry can't simply raise prices to compensate for lower volume sales.
Libraries are still ok, right?
Okay, I get the movies, music and games, but books... ?
How is buying even less books going to help the world? People aren't dumb enough for you already? Kill Wikipedia, too, while you are at it.

You are supposed to say "Don't buy movies, music, games, buy books! "
Here's a novel concept...why not make your own movies & music or even write your own books?
+Aaron Gillum That's not what I meant... Lets say a DVD is 20$. If they only sell 20% of their stock, their next movie will probably be more expensive, to compensate for profit loss... I'm not talking about make the same movie more expensive, I'm talking about them gradually raising prices from release to release ... I guess you could say you'd buy Avatar for 30$, but Avatar 2 for 50$...
Because slowing down the already slow economy is a fantastic idea.
Sorry, no can do bros. Armored Core V is coming out on the twentieth.
no problem i wont buy anything but i will download for free, movies, music, games and books which i've been doing for decades! All that is available for free online if you know where to look for it :)
If Diablo 3 comes out this month I am buying it. #ignorantmarch
+Bill Saunders How about an online library? And people can donate to it, and it uses that money to buy ebooks, and then we have sharing without hurting the authors.
BUY music, games, and movies? HAH! Who does that?
So you want us to pirate it?
its not pirating if it there to grab for free. you just dont know where to look. think of it as window shopping.
That's a flawed argument. Window shopping doesn't get you whatever you're looking for, it just gets you a view of what you could have.Think of it more like having someone give you a stolen car: You're not sure where it came from, who owned it first, or if you can even truely trust it, but now you have it, so you may as well use it.
J'ai besoin de votre aide les amis.
i haven't do something like this in my life! 
So you guys (+Sanket Patel +Andrew Freeman) are telling me that you can't stop yourselves from buying a game for 25 days? Why even bother follow +Anonymous if you don't understand what this is about?

+Shaggy Rogers You don't seem to know how companies work... You seem to claim that every copy sold goes to developpers pockets, and not buying a game will make people lose their jobs That's simply not true... Companies always need new hardware, lawyers, advertisement, marketing, and have HUGE amounts of money in their accounts to not run out. The developers and employees aren't touched by this, only the company owners and shareholders.
Well I need to buy books! can't download them all.
+Javed Mahmood its not "don't buy books" it's "don't buy eBooks, or paper books off big companies such as Barnes & Noble, or Amazon"
I goofed so far, I got ME3 -_- okay no more buying for the Rest of the month!
same XD cant afford it anyway... but thats expected tho lol
What of the state of the Arts then? Why don't you just not buy gas, or meat.
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