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Anonymous affiliates of the #antisec movement have defaced the website of New York Ironworks, a law enforcement supply retailer. The attack was accompanied by the release of source code for Symantec's Norton Antivirus 2006. Both of which were done in retaliation for the arrests of alleged lulzsec members this past Tuesday.
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No actual people harmed during these amusing antics :P
+Jeremiah Davis New York Power Authority? lol, Idk, I am confused. I am just trying to spread a message.
i was led to believe from readings around on the web he was 'told' he would be separated from his children, no man/woman would have made any other choice, its something they do use and do do, so i wont cast any stones, but this is something everyone engaged in wars of any kind has to take into account, your only as strong as your weakest link, anyone who can be emotionality blackmailed should never be in a position of trust, its a single mans/womans game....
What the fuck does Symantec antivirus software have to do with arrests of a hacking group?
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