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For those of you who support us, we love you all.. for those who thinks #anonymous is nothing but 13 year old trolls.. we would like to educate you...

Have a seat: now let daddy talk for a bit; over the years #anonymous has produce some of the worlds top stories on the internet.. and through the power of the support, and the people which stand up and fight with out fear of the unknown.. we have and always will be on top... even with our 13 year old friends...

This is a timeline of what us 13 year old trolls have done over the years..

Anonymous is a meme spread through the Internet whose goals, like its organization, is decentralized. Anonymous seeks mass awareness and revolution against corrupt entities, while attempting to mainta...
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It's "<b>we</b> trolls" but otherwise I'm with you!
+Jim Baumbach I think you'l find that now (for no apparent reason...) it's <strong> not <b>, but hey, who gives? :-P
lol im sure some 13 year olds are hacking geniuses also so i dont see how age matters
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