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Hacktivism has been defined by wikipedia as, “the use of computers and computer networks as a means of protest to promote political ends.” Anonymous continues to define and redefine this definition. We are a constantly changing loosely connected collective of programmers, writers, script kiddies, graphic developers and computer enthusiast; just to name a few. Some of us can read code like it's a book, some of us can inspire action with only our words and some of us can access a network like stepping through a door but all of us can contribute in our own ways. We don't need your approval or your support, we need your participation. We want you to get your ass behind a proxy and join Anonymous! #OPNewblood -
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Use the Link! Join us!
what if the displaced school bus drivers got retrained as heavy equipment operators to build a Ronald Reagan loop around FLORIDA.

Hmmm, +Liz Troup, seems as if all in "all of us can contribute" wasn't including you ...
Great way for recruiting new people to your group! A friendly approach.
+Danning Yu thank you. people need to understand that we are not an alien power or some hidden force. if you have concerns about our direction, join our cause and make your concerns known. we will listen to you and teach you to implement the resources available to us. we, all of us, are anonymous, we, together, are legion.
Plan to participate in Black March. Good cause, easy to do.
Get hthis bullshit off my page - WTF???? UNSUBSCRIBE
When is that documentary coming out? and if it's out, where can I watch it??
thats a creepy face aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanx for giving me nightmares
yea it makes me not want to watch the vid
wierd, oh and I GOT MY FIRST YOUTUBE SHORT DONE AND LOOK FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the people aren't going to stand by. "we do not forget. we do not forgive. expect us."
this freaking scares me but is so epic
i thought people already killed them?
Don't have the computer capabilities to join your ranks, but I do spread the word of free speech and your guys message whenever I can through truthful means and a charasmatic voice.
Fighting for a cause is just, but when that cause is self centered, there is no justice in the action. Defending free speech is just. Defending piracy is criminal.
-A thief is a thief no mater what color you paint him no matter how he may dress, hiding behind rags, or a fine suit and tie, even behind a mask.
-Go out, be activists, do things that make people take notice, get your message heard. But don't do stupid things to get you arrested, and most of all, "dont piss off the general public." It's called burning a bridge and for an activist, there is no bigger bridge to burn.
+Connor Coultrup anyone can join anonymous! even with the most simplest of skills. there's no excuse. if you agree with the cause, get your ass behind a proxy and join us! it is not our responsibility to teach you, it is your responsibility to learn. we will share with you the same resources that are available to us. all you have to do is express interest in learning.
Anonymous on the site that requires people to use their real names? A bit ironic, don't you think?
+Sandy Spence Indeed there is; Mark 5:9. My aunt recently brought this same concern to my attention. I agree, the use of such a biblical reference is disturbing but like the demon from Gadarenes, we are legion. +Matt Grochowalski We have our IRCs and our .onions but there is no resource for organising the people like social networks.
I have an unhealthy obsession with Anonymous. Must. Learn. To. Hack. >__<
I agree, be careful out there!!
+Sandy Spence despite our seemingly victorious campaigns we have already been hurt. those hurt are those among us who have set aside our mask and publicly advocated our cause. educate yourself,
I support Anonymous and I will continue to do my part!
You know, when I was a little boy in Syria, if we (I was about 15 then) took your stand to held authority accountable back then,
Syria would not have gotten in the mess it let itself get to.
How big an offense is Talking to you?
Down with communism!!!!!!! this is epic. Be prepared america!
+Jessica Whelan - Hacking is not required, just an interest in keeping the internet free. But there are resources available to learn if that suits you as well.

+Kevin Cao - There are no books or laws. We are Anonymous. We are legion.
I started an Entire TV Network TVSHOWHOW dedicated to "NO Censorship". I grew up with the evils of CENSORSHIP.
I think Censorship should be the ULTIMATE Crime.
Censorship = McCarthysm
Censorship = Lying
+Mari Thomas - Black March is only one of our Ops. We have multiple simultaneous operations being planned and carried out at any given time.
Script kiddies hahaha This is way too radical for me, hope you accomplish your goals, cheerio.
Anybody know the phrase "We are legion, we do not forget, expect us" coming from? Is it from movie or something?
I've loved many of the things you've advocated (that I've heard about so far).... I feel like this'd involve a lot of blind faith. ...Which kills me from the inside out... I just want to make the world a better the ways I know how. How much trust does it take being a member of Anonymous? :[ +Anonymous
Not too sure.. There's also "We are legion; United as one, divided by zero. we do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us."
Very clever.
Can a non hacker help? and how...
+Kyle Reyes - Get behind a firewall... contribute to our discussions, let your voice be heard
Also, what's your (as in you OR the community) opinion on showing who all is following you? Jw.. It seems very fascinating :) +Anonymous
These people in masks remind me of the group that are , completely against science fiction author RL Hubbard's new "religion" Scientology. They were masks as well. They may even be associated, I don't know, but I think they are also called Anonymous. Destruction on any level is very disturbing to me, I know there are peaceful ways to get your message across. )O(
The piece on Topiary given in the link above is unreadable. Just juvenile gibberish. I actually support Anonymous with some reservations but that is not helping your cause.
you guys are not helping society
Brb, mass forwarding to further the educational message of those unaware of the affects Censorship & SOPA will have on their future. Never take "Freedom of speech" for granted, Americans/folks.
How can you trust someone who won't show their face and who uses a fake voice. Too much like a stalker for me.
+Dixie Girl they do it for protection. Part of the problem is we've trusted the people who DO show their faces... and they've seriously let us down.
Need to know more about your goals. What is it you hope to accomplish?
When someone wants to put a bullet in your face, you cover it.

It's also so that no individual takes credit for collective action, or can become a single target.
This makes me think of the Occupy Movement. It says something important about the times that there are such similar widespread protests popping up everywhere. Maybe people should really start to listen!
Anonymous needs to be stopped. They use a terrorist as their mascot and they are becoming terrorists themselves. We need to fight back. 
+Chris Wood they cover their faces because they are nitwits that know, deep down in the base of their small minds, that they are wrong.
+George Rapko You know, there's that whole "No race, class, gender, ethnicity" thing about Anonymous..... I think part might be important.... </sarcasm>
You guys are writing History!! keep it up
Josh Mc
to all the hacktivists. I salute you
Why don't you do something positive for mankind? You love to imagine you are some kind of rebel fighter for freedom (I.e. Aeon Flux or Star Wars). Get a life
Yellow Journalism. Your organization is a joke.
Using the internet and a keyboard to criticize a group of people who use internet and keyboard for a greater cause which would benefit an entire society (if not the world).... The irony. There's saying, and there's doing. There's hoping, and there's making a difference. Anonymous is taking steps towards making a great difference. Ask yourself- What have you done lately?
Can the media really call anonymous a terrorist group?
Every time I begin to think about being supportive of hactivists and hactivism in general something stupid like The Hacker Army redirecting one of the Red Cross' websites (I'm not going to post the link to the chapter, I don't want THA getting more publicity) to their own page makes me think twice. Anonymous I would totally be behind an organization like yours were it not for the asshats that also hack legit websites that help people in need, like the people at the Red Cross who help people after they've lost everything in a fire or some such. Oh well, it gives me something to fix when I go back to work tomorrow.
Historians say that the mark of the beast was a reference to Caeser. So when you connect the dots the Romans in reference to Legion, you aren't far off the mark, remembering it as a biblical thing, especially as this would have been common use vocabulary when the Bible was new.

As for what kind of Legion, Anon's members, and their followers form... That is to be seen. They can be good or evil, and it is not the good or the bad of the few but the over all public opinion and the sum of their crimes which will inevitably be their brand. Will the mask remain white, or shall it become stained red. One thing is true, the hat Anon bears, is most certainly black as pitch.
I'd love to learn! Sign me up!
We need anonymous, for without you this whole world would be unjust. You have given people a say in things and I thank you for it.
I've seen this trailer before, kinda interesting. Will be watching for updates on the documentary. But it makes me wonder: who is the person behind this Google+ Anonymous account?
You're a bunch of pussies. Get a job. Be productive to society. Anonymous because you're too chicken sh@t to make yourselves known. Legion in the Bible is referring to the devils inside the man that the Savior cast out. Again, get jobs. Be productive.
Keep doing your work, Anonymous. There nothing as productive as the truth. It carries its own retribution for those that flout it.
Repent now Anonymous! For the great soothsayer L. Ron Hubbard hath foretold....Xenu will return! The believers will be laughing as Matt Parker and Trey Stone eat crow. BWOO HA HAA!!
The USA and the world needs Anonymous. Good stuff. Keep it up.
What is a proxy? An j clicked that link but didn't know what it wanted me to do I don't think I'm a very good follower, anyone got any tips for this newcomer?
What is a proxy? An j clicked that link but didn't know what it wanted me to do I don't think I'm a very good follower, anyone got any tips for this newcomer?
viva Muslim Brotherhood; viva Taliban; viva al Qa'ida; viva Hisbollah; viva Revolutionary Guards...
Anonymous.... amzing! These people are finaly understanding! We are the people! And we have the the right to free speech mother fucker!
If you had a better name then legion I would follow but I heard and understand you guys and I guess some girls but what would be a hint of the next step in " expect 2012 " just to note no president was perfect.
I love what ya'all are doing..... I'll go as far as to say that....
Holly H
The youth of America...what I think is strange is that the grown ups are are all shocked and surprised that this is happening...I am not...there is a huge divide in this country...and despite what the grown ups thought the youth are not too stoned too notice what is happening in this country! I saw it for years and wondered when that bubble would pop...its only natural... all depends on how that power is wielded.... THAT is truth.
I always said "don't piss off the smart kids because they always win in the end." These are a bunch of smart kids who I think coild wreak so much more havoc if they wanted to.
While the concept is amazing once an organization becomes too powerful it will become the "evil" it set out to destroy. Anonymous is slowly growing into the evil they once stood against. Continue to follow and become the same sheep you hated.
We ARE Anonymous! We are a Legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us!
:( where can I find other anons to play with? :( I live in such a small town and nothing ever happens here for me to back anon.
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