Within the past 24 hours there have been several additional reports that this distribution is fake. Though we do not necessarily agree that there is enough evidence to support that Anonymous-OS is malicious software we do agree that the release of an Anonymous operating system is redundant. Download Backtrack.

<!-- There are reports indicating that this release is a trap or as the meme suggests, the cake is a lie. You may want to wait until there are further developments before installing the operating system or, if you are confident, install the operating system and update us. -->

Hacktivists affiliated with the Anonymous collective have announced the release of Anonymous-OS. Though currently in its infancy the operating system will prove to be a great tool for those currently contributing to our collective and a precious resource for those wishing to develop further as hacktivists. Included in the operating system are various applications that will assist you in cracking, spoofing, and ripping your way through the internet. A list of installed applications and, of course, how to download the operating system can be found on your favorite search engine. http://bit.ly/y4nyJh #Anonymous #AnonymousOS
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