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Within the past 24 hours there have been several additional reports that this distribution is fake. Though we do not necessarily agree that there is enough evidence to support that Anonymous-OS is malicious software we do agree that the release of an Anonymous operating system is redundant. Download Backtrack.

<!-- There are reports indicating that this release is a trap or as the meme suggests, the cake is a lie. You may want to wait until there are further developments before installing the operating system or, if you are confident, install the operating system and update us. -->

Hacktivists affiliated with the Anonymous collective have announced the release of Anonymous-OS. Though currently in its infancy the operating system will prove to be a great tool for those currently contributing to our collective and a precious resource for those wishing to develop further as hacktivists. Included in the operating system are various applications that will assist you in cracking, spoofing, and ripping your way through the internet. A list of installed applications and, of course, how to download the operating system can be found on your favorite search engine. #Anonymous #AnonymousOS
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i got backtrack 5 today, wondering how this compares...
+Scott Beaudry He's asking where is the script that allows Anonymous to remotely control the system. It's a fair question for those of us who congregate with hackers..
And I was trying to make a lame joke. Oh well. :]
Click it. Hell, I barely read the comment.
It's Anonymous-OS. Don't be surprised when your CPUs are @ max and your modem can fry an egg on November the 5th.
I wish you folks would spend more time going after the Canadian government. We have one evil bastard that is ruining this country in power right now :(
Is that a game if yes it looks 50% cool and 50%dumd
And of course, it's based on Linux.
Yeah! Anonymous is going to get a share of the software industry.
how would I benefit from "ripping" through the net?
If you have to ask Behzad then this OS isn't for you.
Yeah, I think it's best if people just stick with Backtrack. It has WAY more functionality without the risk carried by running software distributed by an anonymous source. Slowloris has been compromised, so why not just go right for the OS itself?
+Pablo Adrián González, probably because my assumptions are correct. :p They're either trying to distribute a virus or reinvent the wheel. What do you think is more likely?
I'd like to see Metro UI integrated into this. You know, for the 5 people that enjoy Metro UI.
wow its lik a secret association organization...or somethin!!!lol
Well... if the person behind it claimed to be Anonymous, doesn't that count? The Consortium is just a sort of off-shoot like LulzSec, no?
I would have been "clever" and called it AnonymOS. But I like horrific puns.
some sources say its Ubuntu based...but on Wiki it says it's based on OpenBSD? :O
don't you children have some homework to be doing or something?
Why would a organization like Anonymous release an OS. They're all and none at the same time, this would mean An is an organization with a face, something to represent, way beyond their claims of being faceless, and, well... anonymous.
No OS should be disgraced with Norton
Looks like the EVE Online UI
↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗ lmao
Norton is the hardest virus to clean off a computer I've ever encountered.
Single unified "Anonymous OS" is a great honeypot to catch as many 'anonymous' as possible by injecting a release unknowingly (most hacks happen unknowingly right?). Best way to be 'anonymous' on the web is be educated, rather than be spoon fed.
ive been watching anonymous videos and its sounds cool but im sure it a trap
How does this not re-invent the wheel? Backtrack Linux exists, is mature, etc., as several plussers above have already mentioned. (Serious question. I'd love a good reason to give this a try on a box... that I have no other use for... that I preferably don't own.)

I just wanna know one thing. Can I use this to hack into people's PCs who I play with online games like Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 who have hacks that mess up games and like to kick people out of games? If I can hack their Pcs and delete all their files, hack their Steam accounts and leave them PC-less I would jump at this head first. :)~
Cinnamon is better than MATE, by the way.
All this talk about Backtrack, has anyone used Blackbuntu? It's great.
@Jared ..... windows compatible? SERIOUSLY?!?!? TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOL
omg people .,...... Anonymous didn't release an OS!!!! they took Ubuntu & skinned it ...... not much work really ...... 
+Latrell Rollins I am. Watch my space. Canada is ignoring custody agreements and the province I live in won't even send the police when my daughter is abducted in contravention of the criminal code and Canada's international agreements. I'm locating as many people as I can who have been screwed over and launching a class action lawsuit. My daughter is back with me now (voluntarily) but I am going to see to it these idiots pay!
all right, the task bar is a copy of linux/fedora, the _ [ ] X butons are from windows, this seems... whats the word?
Is this OS based on linux kernel? Can we use backtrack OS instead of this anonymous OS? what is the difference between these two ?
It is built off Ubuntu 11.10 and If you really have to ask if it's backdoor-ed then it's not something you should be playing with regardless if it's infected or not. This is not something you install on your computer then log into you bank accounts or read your corporate emails with. Throw it on it's own drive in own machine or temporarily remove your real drive(s) if you only have one machine. Isolation is the only way you can protect your self. You might even want to re-flash your factory bios when your down playing with it prior to remounting your real dives.
I can't help but to remember the fable of the Fox and the Scorpion.
Came for the Backtrack LiveCD comments, and wasn't disappointed. That, and the Trinity Rescue Kit are worth keeping handy.
This is rebranded (and probably bot-ridden) ubuntu 10.04. If you really want power (and want to hide the fact), use Ubuntu and install (and learn) all of the tools on their list, plus a few more questionable ones.
Don't use Linux unless you are a tech-savy-computer-code-understanding-wizz.
There are too many things that can go wrong and little to no support offered when they do, there are just not enough drivers available for it.. (Such as running 90% of printers, software for phones etc etc), It just does crazy things too like turns off the screen every 15 minutes and it is not possible to change this, consistently asks for passwords for silly things and generally just annoys you.
I'm running 11.04, sure its pretty, fast and gives better battery life. but its
Just Not Worth The Hassle to the every day consumer.
Let me Google that for you...
Linux haters my pet hate if u dont like it dont use it
Ivan Ch
Absolutely LINUX !
Well done! Just try it.
Thanks, but still use BackTrack ;)

- do not trust anyone
- before hack, confirm your invisibility in the network
- ...........
We must not allow our suspicion and distrust to cripple our movement. That is what the FBI wants. Anonymous is a leaderless resistance front. Each individual can decide their own involvement and make decisions independently. Our only objective is to provide you with the resources to do so. Please do not make accusations without providing evidence.
Make an ARM version and get some Raspberry PI's.....think of the capabilities!!! BTW any hack tool you use is gonna say its malicious. I use Hirems Boot Disc a lot and every anti-virus says its got like 8 trojans and what have you. Get a shitty netbook throw this on there and got have fun at Starbucks...It's not for your mommy's computer kids.
SourceForge's write-up of their reasoning seems to be pretty consistent with their open-source philosophy and rather well thought-out, especially since it seems unlikely that the real anonymous had anything to do with this.
Okay, it seems unlikely that the imaginary movement anonymous had anything to do with it, then. Either way Source Forge presents a compelling argument that they would be hypocrites if they continued hosting it.
+1 to Sourceforge for handling this so well
Totally. Redundant. BT5R2 all de way!
i like it more than Azenis2!
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