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Sue Crabtree, whom many have called the heart and soul of Jeremy Hammond's support network, will be live with Lorax on Anonop's Radio Friday night; July 20th. The show begins at 8pm EST. Sue will be on to show support for Jeremy and to discuss the rally planned for Jeremy on the 23rd in NYC. Bookmark, share and tune in to hear what we're sure will be a great interview. 
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typical political bullshit. 
but. none the less. i will do what i can to aid him. he is after all. only a human.
and a protected human at that.
come friends and foes alike. let us work together to free an innocent man.
heh. it would seem i commented on the wrong post. albeit this gets some curiosity from other people. to check your previous postings to see just what i am talking ( or typing rather) about.
Jeremy hasn't gotten as much support, especially from the media, as some of the other anons involved have gotten. We thank you for sharing this information regardless of whether it was a mistake.
Haven't been at the computer yet, thanks
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