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#CabinCr3w responds to the attack of #OWS protester Cecily McMillan by NYPD Officers:

To the family of Cecily McMillan, and to NYPD Officer #18234, Grantley Bovell, and Captain Winski, and Timothy Geithner,

Cecily McMillan is a human being attacked merely for standing up to corruption. Cecily could have suffered seizures for any reason including disease, lack of health care access, or even police tactics. Police have been known to pinch right about the neck, which causes blood flow obstruction and may result in convulsions which can seem like resisting arrest. At that point they will take out their batons and justify their paychecks. Seizures in particular can endanger the patient as he or she often needs space to breathe properly. Attacking a patient when they are fighting to breathe is negligent, irresponsible, and also an insult to our soldiers. These soldiers rightly or wrongly risked their lives because they though this country and its people were in danger. This is why many military personell are protesting along with firefighters in the Occupy movement.

Lack of health care is a problem for individuals with rare or specific variants of diseases which may be known as Orphan Diseases such as certain seizures, narcolepsy, and others. These are diseases which are simply not profitable enough to research, diagnose, or treat. The population affected is too small to have any pull in congress yet 100s of thousands of Americans suffer from these conditions. This may be why Cecily joined OWS. We do not know, however, there are many important reasons that individuals choose to stand up and fight this system.

As of this moment Cecily McMillan is reported to have suffered broken ribs. This is no longer a case of brutality, where cops merely stepped out of line and could somehow be excused. This is state violence at its core, regardless as to whether it's intentional or not. This officer has been seen making overt remarks that he doesn't care about press passes as well. We have reports from occupiers of being targeted for their activism or being harassed to see just how much economic abuse through fines they can take before they go home. So right now it is not beyond reasonable probability that Cecily may have been targeted. Seizures are an easy resisting arrest charge opportunity and her activism is a pain in the side of the owners like say Mr. Timothy Geithner.

Officers #18234 and Grantley Bovell #17743, are a disgrace to their institution, an insult to soldiers who fought for the Constitution, and outrageous cowards compared to firefighters who face dangers that cannot be dealt with bullets and batons. Captain Winski, if these individual are under your command, you have a responsibility to the citizens you claim to protect. If you cannot do that, you will be replaced. If NYPD does not clean up its act, more officers will be shamed both for their disrespect of citizens and their attitudes regarding the privileges they are given. Privileges exist below the rights of the people. Privileges can be taken away for any reason. Rights cannot and as long as Anonymous and citizens respond, they will not be infringed without shame.

Timothy Geithner is probably wondering why his name is associated with the house slaves #18234, Bovell, and Winski. Well little Timmy, put down your latte, check out the charges against you, and remember you are not immune to shame. Your banker class is responsible for the machinations of the IMF which creates poverty and organizations such as the NYPD Paid Detail Unit which violently attacks protestors because it is your security detail unit. After all, that is what the name implies. Enjoy your name and its overrated celebrity being mixed in with us commoners. Good luck in court, clown.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget

Publicly available information forgotten is a secret in plain sight.

Expect us
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I live in NYC and I haven't even heard of something like that happening on the I surprised? Nope not one bit..thanks for posting this and sticking up for her!!
Its sad, and the worst part is that tomorrow morning when I wake up to watch the news...this story won't be included.
People need to arm themselves and start subjecting the police to the same abuse law enforcement so carelessly dispenses. This situation is categorically unacceptable.
I strongly doubt the protester mentioned in this article considers the police to be a mere distraction. They're a cudgel, weapon to be dismantled and left to rust.
I don't think responding to the violence with violence is the answer - though it quite certainly seems the right one.
+Sean O'Hara If i was in that situation, i would certainly react with violence. Wouldn't know what else to do.
We need TOTAL change!! We've been protesting the same way for years. Yes, I'm all for peaceful protests, but when the shit hits the fan, its better to fight back and defend yourself than just lock arms with someone and take their abuses.

The violent police mindset is one of FEAR and talking logically to someone who is SCARED will get you no where. We have to address their behavior by means that they will understand. Maybe a few broken bones or a few scars will convince them to stop.

We are SMARTER, STRONGER, and more UNIFIED then they are. Violence is in our nature since the beginning of time (FLIGHT or FIGHT). So we can either RUN or FIGHT BACK.

Peaceful Protests, Public Humiliation, Hack Attacks are great TOOLS in this BATTLE, but we need to look at OTHER OPTIONS. The Whole World needs to change the way we do things, including US.
I thought you were a terrorist organazation but you are actually doing these things for good reasons. You stand up against unjust things and that's good. You are the good guys, but are misunderstood by society. But I think you are doing the USA good. Keep at it bros. And thanks for standing up to corruption. You guys are good guys. PEACE (just to make things clear, I think you guys are good)
So who is NYPD Officer #18234? Me a few million others would love to send our disrespect.
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