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We are Anonymous.. And by the looks of it we're all going to jail. Additional charges have been filed against Barrett Brown, an online activist associated with the Anonymous collective, who was arrested in September. The additional charges include posting a link from one IRC channel to another. Yes, you read that correctly. Barrett is now being prosecuted essentially for sharing information. #FuckFBI #FreeBB  
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Stay strong, stay free, stay anonymous
How long until they start arresting people for "liking or plus" or "commenting" or "show of support" on social networks?
I'll tell you all Anonymous, I am Anonymous❣❣❣
I am the human and I am the spirit❣ I'll soon provide you all with something that is trivial but at the same time is the key to a new world❣
a world without sin,
a world without greed,
a world without wars,
a world without crimes,
a world with hope, for the future,
a world, not dependent upon money❢
a world only dependent upon Love❣❣❣
Careful: The Declaration of Independence is not law.
Complete NOBS ! Geeeeeeez the lengths they are going to sure does show how much they have at stake and what they are trying to hide. By the sounds of it ...................................... "Heaps of corruption, greed, blah etc, blah, etc" "Assholes" FREE Julian & Bradley
It's 11 different counts for sharing 1 link. It's time to get mad people.
The thought police have been thinkers beware
The thought police has been out very very long, but now they start to become really annoying, like we are getting closer to end the game...
The more I think about many people shared that link? TONS. They haven't come after the rest.... tells me this is a test case and grasping at straws. 
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