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*STOP #SOPA #SOPAblackout #J18 *

The internet is gearing up for a fight, several sites have pledged to go dark on January 18 in protest of SOPA and PIPA, the internet blacklist legislation currently making their way through Congress. Below is a list of confirmed sites joining in :

3. The entire Cheezburger Network
5. XDA Developers
6. Wikipedia
7. and Popular MMO, Minecraft
8. NLB Creations
9. Webmaster community Admin Forums
10. Web design company,
11. Gaming site Video Game Generation
12. Right Angle Recording
13. All sites in Major League Gaming’s network
15. Errata Security
16. Hacktivist group, Anonymous
17. Gaming site,
18. Hey It’s Free!
19. Harder Blogger Faster
20. Colossal Mind
21. Sonic Retro
23. Working It Out
26. NewGrounds
27. Through the Eyes of a Pirate
28. Cynical Brit
29. Platform Nation
30. Digital Suicide
31. Kahn Labs
32. Jamacast
33. CryptoCat
34. Joyblind
35. A Much Better Way
36. [H]ard OCP Gaming Community
38. Boing Boing
39. Inkerro
40. The Weekly Gripe
41. Leslie Networks
42. WordPress for Business Websites
43. Simply Fixed s
44. FriendStream
45. TacticalCraft
47. EcchiDreams
49. Raspberry Pi
50. LazySlob1
51. GeNyaa
52. Rational Responders
53. Brian Sapient
54. Celebrity Atheists
55. Purpose of Christmas
56. Atheism United
57. Emerald Angel Comics
58. Fairy Tail Episode
59. Vanilla Forums
60. Icrontic
61. New Buddhist
62. This is Xbox
63. CnC Fansite
66. egoArchives
67. Olivero Broadcasting Group
68. BHR Hosting
69. Red Dawn Movie News
70. Splitkick
71. Kona’s Korner
72. Radioactive Nerd
73. Talking About Games
74. GOOD Evening
75. Rage Maker
76. FreakOutNation
77. TheLeakyWiki
78. Doxie Lovers Club
79. Twitpic versions of their site.
80. Age of Coins
81. A Softer World
82. This Is Why Im Broke
83. Cake Wrecks
84. Dance Top 40
85. Code Labs
87. The Ikids Blog
88. MMO Melting Pot
89. Inficron Technologies
91. Geek Culture and the Joy of Tech comic
93. Quiet Speculation
100. Red 5 Studios, developer of the Firefall MMO


Join us and pledge not to tweet between 8AM-8PM EST (1300-0100 UTC) on 18 January [check your local timezone] - Use hashtags #SOPAblackout and #J18
Add “CENSORED” banners to your Twitter pic by going to -

Facebook users are also urged to protest by joining the “Stop Internet Censorship by Protesting SOPA event” and posting censored photo galleries to their Facebook walls on the 18th.

WordPress users wanting to join in the protest might find the SOPA Blackout plugin, which adds a temporary 503 status and customisable page to your site automatically. Blogspot users can easily show their support, too.
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It amazes me that the gvmnt thinks this is even possible. The problem i've got is that people will just stop using DNS. Websites will be driven underground again like the golden days and IRC will become the new standard for DNS-like service. Like the good old days. Then big business will suffer, amazon and other online-only stores will have to close since no one will use the DNS'd internet and unless they get onto the "new" service quickly they will suffer untold millions in damages. Who will they blame then? The only thing they can blame, the SOPA lobby. There will be channels people trust with bots they trust telling us how to get to these sites via IP or some other identifier. Not too dissimilar to the word of mouth DNS service of the early BBS years. You found one "Portal" that told you where to go for the rest and generally your friends told you where that portal was.

Netflix, lovefilm and the rest of the content streaming websites will cease and millions in revenue will be lost from world wide economies. The fatcat fucks who started this rolling will then blame who for their eventual demise? Us? How? We just followed their insane lead. The insane thing is, the companies are spending millions to put through a bill that will in the long run cost them hundreds of times more when it passes.

Well done, greed has and will kill these industries and I for one will be loving it when all this happens!
were fucked if this isnt stopped i need that shitt!!! ;_;
+Kevin Warren
I didn't create what I bought. I PAID for the PRODUCT. If I created something and it was used WITHOUT PROFIT then fine, if I created something and it was used WITH PROFIT then yeah, I want my fair share.

Your argument is as childish as the entire SOPA movement
This is nice nice, but not much efective. If we cannot stop our losting freedom, we must stop peoples, which would like our freedom take out!
Anonymous you have taken it too far. I joined you last month to spy on your work. You trusted me .Some of you gave me your real idenitys. Some gave others too. The ones I know will be reported to the police.
hahahahahahaha!!!! +Joseph Tucker to think that you have "Joined" anonymous is a childish thought.
This makes me laugh. How could you have joined an abstract notion of a collective who are in themselves not aware of who they are let alone who they want to be or claim to be. You are a fool to think that you can "Join" anonymous.

Add (sarcastic gaming site and video podcast) to this list. We will be black on the 18th as well.
Everyone in Anonymous just stands for hatred. If something happens to them they strike back even worse. No Forgiveness.
+Joseph Tucker Yup and that is why we all love what the brave Anons do day to day. Rock on brothers, rock on!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! +Joseph Tucker Bigger, better and more equipped fuck tards than you have tried my friend. You are nothing to them. NOTHING! HAHAHAHA!
We all must strive to strongly prefer the above listed websites while doing our business. They do deserve that.
Yo Jo Tucker, you cannot destroy the wind. Find sand, insert head and we'll let you know when it's safe to come out.
Well guys let us see how this works out.
When there was communism here and there was no internet for the masses people used to deal in videos smuggled over and then shared among friends. and friend of friends of friend of friends... these kind of laws are pointless.
make it cheaper! why in this day and age i still need to watch the show i want to watch at 20.00? What if i want to do it at 21:00. why do i need to pay 8 EUR to see a movie? or 3 eur to borrow it? put some adds in i don't mind. make it free. and people will stop pirating.
Zero sites anyone visits except people who know and care about SOPA already. Talk about an empty gesture.

Stop piracy.
+Gregor Gorjan 100% behind you on that. I just paid $17 for a kindle book when the hardcover is less. If I didn't love the author I would have just downloaded it for free to send a big FU to HarperCollins for their ridiculous pricing policy.
I agree that SOPA/PIPA needs to be stopped. At the same time I'm sorry that this was started by ANONYMOUS, an organization (sic) that forces there agenda on the public, without their consent.
Thanks for the information and I'm helping to spread this message. Lets fight!!
sixgun productions are also taking part in the blackout
Vote Ron Paul?? Like that'd solve any of this??? He won't even get the Republican nomination....seeing as they are still involved debating who is Jesus' best buddy.....BOTH parties have sold their souls to corporate ghouls. The Demos will re-run the Incompetent in Chief and only corporate America wins...we live in a Kleptocracy not a democracy.
SOPA/'s like fight off one thing and the government comes back with another....and another....and another.....
I admire Anonymous and what they are trying to do...if I was younger and not so worn down and cynical about human "progress" I'd be on the front line rather than the sidelines cheering.....
Wow James......that's a bigass assumption....I actually like RP.....I never said RP was taking part in the debate over who took Jesus bass fishing last.....
Hopefully he will run as an independent....god do we need a real 3rd party.
You have no idea what I have done in my years on this earth....the arrests outside the South African embassy, Wal Mart etc so take YOUR tude and stuff it.
The ENTIRE cheezburger network? We're DOOMED!!
Sure James....let's compare eh?? Jayzus dude, I am trying to tell you that in many ways we are on the same page.
YES.....99.999999% of voters blindly allow themselves to be led along like cattle in a slaughterhouse.....I wholeheartedly agree. I just don't see a way for RP to emerge from this social conservative bloodletting that is going on in the GOP. Would I like to see him get the nod?? Yes. I would love to see that kind of freedom in this, please excuse my cynicism...which drowns out whatever I usually try and say....
If you want to get all nasty and pissed with someone then chose someone who doesn't agree with the majority of your points.
+Kevin Warren I buy all my music and movies. But I want to be able to have the freedom to search for content and not have it blocked by the Gov. If I'm recording something at home with my camera I don't wan't to have to turn off the TV and any music playing in the background so I can upload it to youtube so it wont get censored by google. Even any pictures you take, you will have to be careful as to whats in those shots because flicker or any other website can censor you. I agree that something needs to be done with online piracy, but this bill is not the answer,
+Michael Cooke Anonymous is the only collective who seems to be doing anything about it! By raising public opinion about this issue. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THIS!
I plan on doing the same with my website. I don't get much traffic but the idea is just as strong! How can I add pknetworking to this?
+Michael Cooke the world needs hackers, if it wasn't for Anonymous most people would not ever have heard of SOPA including me. Anonymous isn't a a group it's a collective of everyone who is against a police state or censorship. they hack to teach them mother fuckers that people are not going to sit by and let them fuck us over. I can see you have no idea what hackers are all about. Stop being so conservative. Anonymous is like a revolutionary movement, it's an idea, you can kill one person who supports that idea or who took part in some action or many actions, but you can't kill an idea. So you blocking out your whole organization, be honest! why are you doing this because Anonymous advertising it? or you just thought about this all by your self?
I wouldn't miss any of these sites if they blacked out forever but it's a good start I guess? I guess if I ran a shitty website I'd black it out for solidarity though. Death to SOPA! FTGE &etc.
+Michael Cooke THERE IT IS! I fucking knew it! you are a fox news watching loser. get the fuck out no one needs you and your stupid website in protest.. go drink some more Kool-Aid! the earth needs the fertilizer...
I think he was responding to me and my "Death to SOPA" comment.
So isn't SOPA about Stopping Online Piracy? Piracy is wrong so why is there a big uproar about this? People should be buying there music, computer software, games and movies. Am I misunderstanding this?
OH ok. Well I think the pirate sites are what should be shut down but not the three sites you listed.
True but there is always a way around the security. Patches are put out to block the newly found hole and then people find a new hole or a hack to get around that security patch. People should be paid for their work.
+Dave Byrd this isn't really about piracy, it's a tactic by the Gov. to get more control of the internet! Like +Michael Cooke brings up Valve, and other Co. use completely renders piracy useless. But i want the choice to be able to search content with getting some " "BLOCK" something like this---> <-- when I click search. Can you imagine that? it would be horrible. even video's you upload to youtube with any music or TV in the background would get your account banned or erased or censored.
I do see your point. How about they just take down the sites that are known for pirating software and start from there instead of censoring the sites that don't really do any harm to the music and entertainment companies?
+Steven R. I'm watching the video you linked to right now and I do find it very interesting. Thanks!!
+Dave Byrd like I said it really isn't about piracy but more about censorship, & a way to get more control over the internet. It would be like the Gov. making a law that would require anyone who has ever been arrested to get RFID implants to keep track of them. because hey why not they're all criminals rite? And we want our children protected rite? And we want all our property protected rite? Oh and lets not forget sex offenders, lets chip them too! this bill infringes on our rights. and you have to remember sites like the piratebay do not host files, they only point you the way to those host that have the torrents. Besides there are lots of free legal files online that you can get from torrents, that are better to get from that because you wont get crapware along with your download. The Piratebay will still be up but Google by lay will have to block you from even accessing it.
internet censorship is for communist countries, not democracies
+Cal Oppenheim there is no such thing as Communist countries. please check your facts before you post garbage! And being democratic does not mean it's free. And this isn't true freedom. WOW people are so uneducated!
why is XDA DEV not BOLD? That is HUGE for a 'creative' industry. Such as SOPA would FUCKING DESTROY.
@Scott Delaney which site, Scott? I've visited half of those.
STOP! Don't pledge or hand over a website. You hand over a website and your helping start a war! Visit my page to join Counter-Anonymous and stop this war!
You now makes sense. all this time I hated you...
Now I have joined...
I have a ps3. But i am anon. I am strong. I will not forget. I am legion.
a tomar por culo la SOPA, la sgae y toda la panda de mamones que quieren cerrar paginas web por que solamente quieren beneficios para ellos mismos
we are lost our rights.
+Kenneth Leitch , Yes, Yes they do... But I think it's just another dumb-ass move on the gov's part, and I'm hoping that Anon keeps it up. Anon is just going to keep on shutting them damn g-men up, no matter what! ^_^
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