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To the Media,

We are Anonymous. We have been watching those of you who call yourselves "The Media" with great disdain as you fail to meet our expectations at doing what the people demand, reporting news. For too long the media has given power to those who do not deserve it and did not rightly earn it. By reporting about the luxurious lives of movie stars and billionaires you have knowingly and carelessly given power to those who do not care about anything else but their own egotistical lives. By being exposed to such narcissistic and pompous behaviour through the media many people have been brainwashed by your propaganda into believing that these insignificant and meaningless stories are news. We are here to say, no more.

No more shall the media pick and choose what the people hear as news. No more shall we allow you to report on Whitney Houston when Syrian rebels push towards a civil war. No more shall we allow you to report on Jeremy Lin when the tension in the Middle East is mounting. No more shall we allow you to report on the Kardashians's marital problems, Beyonce's baby drama or Charlie Sheen's drug problems when countries around the world are facing devastating financial bankruptcy. These entertainment time-wasters have proven to be no more than a distraction to the people, as important news and headlines never get the justice they deserve. We are Anonymous and we are here to say, you can no longer choose what is front-page material.

Operation Occupy the Media is an ongoing operation supported by Anonymous all around the world to liberate the people from the distraction of major news media and the entertainment news that occupies the front pages of your websites, newspapers and magazines. We shall be targeting all of your social media outlets and discussion boards to bring attention to actual issues that should be priority news. We will make it our duty to report the vital news while you, the ones in charge of informing the people, report on trivial, insignificant nonsense. We are tired of being misinformed by the media. We are tired of people having a deceiving sense of the word "Beautiful." We are tired of the people focusing more on entertainment than their own rights and privileges which are being taken away slowly but surely. We are tired of people having a false sense of priority through the reports by the media. And now, we are taking action! -

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us
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I agree totally with this
Who cares about the celebs doing what, we need REAL news about what's actually going on around the world
Those who care about their own egotistical lives?

So every facebook user.

Every twitter user...

Every G+ user...

Anyone whos ever given a fuck about themselves?

I agree with what your saying, but the people need to wake up - they WANT to hear about the kardashians or whatever because they don't want to hear the horrible truth - The world is fucked in ways beyond belief.

Maybe 2012 isn't the year the world ends. Maybe its the year the world stops just listening and WAKES UP.
Forgive, demand better, and rise above.
Just please drop the we don't forgive bit, Anon....
they focus on the negative never any good news it is sad
If they didn't stand up, who would? Seriously we need these anonymous people.
Your expectations are ....just that your expectations. Nobody should go around thinking of other peoples expectations especially when they are too afraid to name themselves

Its a shame we don't have journalists doing great work anymore, thanks in part to editors, publishers and heads looking for hits and ratings while cutting budgets, and increasing layoffs of the people who do the actual reporting and documentation. There is no budget for news that matters, just news that entertains. Is it the fault of the media, or is it the fault of the reader. Thanks Murdoch.
The Lobbyst bought the media and the media fooled the whole world except a minor minority. But History proved that the minor minority succeded at the end to spring back in an unexpected form.
Beware Media! Watch you back. We're kicking your ass soon!
Now that wouldn't do keep the sheep distracted with crap to the business can run is the objective...
Stand up for true Right!!!
The world needs unbiased, unfiltered free access to current events and information.

Learn how to think.
Learn how to live.
"Learn to let that which does not matter truly slide..."

Good luck Anonymous.
the only thing to get thing work in current time is...
don't ask or request just order, be superior, be powerful.
This reminds me of a famous quote. "Dictators ride to and fro on tigers from which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry." - Winston Churchill
Good luck in your campaign Anonymous!! Lets see if we can get rid of Murdock and his money ridden rags.
Honestly the only way to stop these fucks is by the barrel of a gun, or a revolution.
they have way to much power and the weak minded suck it up.
We are Anonymous
We just talk shit
We never do what we say we would do
We endlessly threatened SOPA and PIPA but couldn't do shit about
We let all our followers down
We are just good at talking not doing
We say we hack stuff but in reality can't even hack a fu*king Abacus
We seem to have no life, or girlfriends
Expect us
Suggestion: website where people can submit new stories. That way, people can write about what's important, and it will get somewhere it can be read. People can rank the stories to determine what is most important. You can call it 'Omniscient' (all-seeing).
Kevin G
i dont think the open threats are real... just people trying to get youtube hits.
You have my support - please find away to stop George
+Tom Rizzo They said operation payback and operation megaupload would happen, and they did.
+Tom Rizzo You gotta be retarded to talk crap about the people who could shut your life down.
I support this 100% its time we stood up to the media, I've had enough of the constant putting celebrities before the serious things like civil wars and financial problems in the middle east +1 IF YOU AGREE WITH ME!
+Adam Wyson Please let them shut me down and prove for once that they are not as stupid as everybody else thinks
The media panders to puerile interests. If consumers watch the crap you have correctly identified, really the blame ought be on the them.
We shouldn't forget, but forgiveness needs to be a part of our ethic.
+Steven Davies You are right, no members are reading / watching, they just submit some big talk then go back to their XBox, PS3 etc.
I hope this works... this is exciting.. i hope anon gets they asses..
As this is about freedom of speech and all. My thoughts to you at Anonymous: I agree with a lot of what you do. Although sometimes I think it's a bit erratic and confused. Cut back on the theatrics. It takes away from the important message you have. Be focused and concise. It should be down to what you say, not how you say it. We already have many media outlets that are all about editorialising from the right. Make sure you're not apart of the problem. Substance over style.
+Steven Davies Dude, wake up, they can't remove shit no matter how much they want to, on their best day they launch a couple of Denial of Service attacks from a standard script on a couple of sites, slow it down for a bit, give up, and life goes on.
I wouldn't listen to the opinion of anyone who has so little faith in their message that they have to hide behind the name Anonymous. Waste of time.
I am 100% behind an uprising to let the media outlets know that we are tired of them dictating what is news and what isnt.
+Steven Davies I'm just as much as you against the media, SOPA, PIPA bullshit stuff etc, I just wouldn't talk the talk endlessly if I knew I can't do nothing about it, makes someone less trustworthy doesn't it?
Everything throughout the Internet ought to be free.
:( Tom doesn't pay attention very much. Though I don't think Anon would be perturbed at his words. They have bigger and better things on their minds.
@Louis Papa: I'm kind of wondering how to address your deragatory comment about fifteen-year-olds, and / or illustrate to you the concept of being willing to take a stand for something you believe in, regardless of whether or not it has an immediate, direct, measurable effect.

And then I realize that you are way below fifteen years old in your head, and my words are wasted on you.

Doesn't prevent me from responding though. Care to guess why?
I thought Anonymous was a neat group, until they hacked and completely erased my favorite message board.
to me... anonymous is a terrorist group. Attacking people who you don't agree with isn't the way to solve problems. It is childish.
Finally, occupiers that might not be dumbasses.
Anonymous are jerks. Jerks, that sit in their mom's basement and get excited about threatening a website. The world is not better because of them. The Internet is not better because of them. They have no purpose other than to be media attractions themselves. Kinda ironic, huh?
Five Iron Frenzy had a song along the lines of this... back in 2003.

Regular people are just stupid.
+Tara Velez I doubt they have "bigger and better things", as +Louis Papa said, so far they absolutely had no impact on any thing, prove me wrong if you can.
Le sigh. Let me join you Anon. I promise to wear a Guy Fawkes mask a black mini skirt and I'll throw in letting you hack into my computer just for fun. Just ignore the fact that all of my basic programming is stolen. <3
:) I love arguments. They are good for your souls. Beware of name calling though.
My thing is this: if they *did have all the power they say they do, or wish they did... they may be able to cause some major commotion and upheaval. however, if they were to usurp power, they would become dictators themselves. their idealogy is "if we don't like what you do, we will shut you down." That scares me. If I can't have my opinion and state it (say, like I am now on G+) then there is something wrong. if they have the ability to shut my G+ down, it only proves my point. they seek to control the media, which is bad. why support people that will put you in bondage if they gain power? there is a better way.
hey people! just ignore +Tom Rizzo he's just a troll, nothing you say will change that...smh

on Anonymous, ive been following your h4xx for about a year now. to the individual crews within that's been responsible for owning those feds. fuck yeah!

to the rest, while it's true that a lot of its members are not even in their 20s yet, some of them are actually in their late 20s to 30s working as devs IRL. but that's not the issue here at all! please focus on the message rather than on the trivial issues of their age & if they have gfs or not. it's like how the media was obsessed with Obama's birth certificate rather than report on the true state of the economy. get it?
These "for the many" screeds (or against-the-few) invariably leave out even a hint of how they think things work, like, where in the hell did cars come from? (Don't get me started on electronics.) I mean, we know absolutely shit about how things work, except to lob utterly meaningless stink bombs at the wealthy, and yet--this is the amazing part--we suggest that "the people" "take back" whatever it is (about which we have no fucking idea) that makes things come into existence on very large scales. It's just plain embarrassing to read this pap. How about a rousing chorus of "man's inhumanity to man" to round things out?
if I +1 this, go I get on the FBI watch list? >_>
+Liberty Belle Wow, I've got an idea! How about you find something more original, and tell me when you've gotten it, OK? Nice try though!
I don't know about Anony But i think it is Mous with e missing.
If Anonymous accomplishes anything, they get people's blood flowing which in this posts case they got discussion going which causes awareness. Ok so maybe they havn't done any significant "shut down" according to some of the previous posts. So what discussion and awareness are not really a bad thing.
You are currently under others control. The control of those who don't want people to use their brains to think but rather to wonder aimlessly in a fog listening and doing as they want you to do.
lol you people are prolly some 12 years olds living in your basement with a bag of chips and a computer
Dear Anonymous, I am fully behind this cause and your boycott of purchasing new movies and tv shows. As long as you continue to support worthwhile causes and try to bring about a world of people who can actually think for themselves. I will follow you, and will do what I can to help our society.
well, I suppose we shall see...
I agree with this. However I have not gotten my arms around the notion that chaos and anarchy would be any better than what "we" have going now.
You're going to stop that how? (and I don't remember signing up for your dispatches)
Anon, I believe you are right about the stupidity of the "news" (except Jeremy Lin, but I'm a sports fan and he has a good story, but i digress). However, I don't think that any organization is above bias. For you to decide what is news is for you to apply your values and beliefs onto others. You believe that some stories are more important than others, and while it is easy to say Syria > Whitney Houston, how will you distinguish between the many actually newsworthy events. Company shutdowns, layoffs, civil wars, industrial accidents, laws being passed, laws being ignored, the list could go on and on. What will you do when someone else comes along and says you're being biased towards what you view as news but ignoring what they believe is news?

Also, it is quite elitist of you to decide what others NEED to know. If you're working two jobs to put food on the table of your kids, and you happen to have 30 minutes free every couple of days, who are you to say that dad shouldn't watch sportscenter or mom shouldn't watch entertainment tonight. There are millions of working class people in the US and billions around the world, just trying to live their lives, and once in a great while they try to get caught up in this useless information and dream of being rich or being a sports star or a celebrity or an actress or whatever.

Not every man, woman and child can be an activist and not everyone is going to agree on what is important, so how will you avoid falling into the same trap as the elite media?

I mean absolutely no disrespect though, just attempting to continue a civil dialogue.
new facists - thought we had enough
Watever probably some scam for money or a terrorist strike. Jk is support them all the way
Go anonymous?
Aren't the Oscars on tonight? Coincidence?
ter nea
Fact: We live in a material World. I wish it was different....
For a group that has "no impact on any thing", it has certainly garnered a lot of attention here by those who so claim.

Curious, that.
telling people what they should/should not be interested in is uncool. and presumptuous. i thought you were about freedom. hmmm...
each to their own,,I think,speak and do for myself,,good work anon for making me realise that what the gov have been trying to do,,,i dont want to see 'want to be' greedy self obsessed nobody's all over EVERY NEWSPAPER OR NEWS CHANNEL,,i dont read the papers with their 2faced fat cat underhanded tactics,,gov also needs to stop bullying people with their legal crap,i maybe from a council estate but iam educated in many more ways than an mp's/pm could ever be,,LIFE SKILLS PEOPLES LEARN WHEN YOUR BEING BULLIED X 
Sounds like Anonymous has seen Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex. Laughing Man. #IThoughtWhatIdDoWasIdPretendIWasOneOfThoseDeafMutes
Amen. The American people used to be the most well informed people on Earth. Now, we are the most lied to people on Earth. Our media have been bought and paid for by the same rich people/corporations that have bought our government. We are lied to every day and the truth is withheld from us.

Our government takes away our freedoms and the media tells us that it is a good thing, and that it will keep us safe.

Open your eyes people. Look for the truth. It can be found, but it won't be Paris Hilton that will show it to you.
Unfortunately they are giving most of the people what they want to hear...Gotta change the "people" first, the media will follow.
"Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.

The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.

Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V."
Im all for making a stand & fighting for truth and justice, but too do it 'anonymously' just causes more divsion and kinda defeats the object.
If you believe in something that strongly you should'nt have too hide. One is many & many are one.
Gary MacArthur - Perfectly written! when art was usurped by this crap they call "modern art", the sole purpose was to hide the reality of a miserable life being endured, by all but the wealthy, portrayed in real art not circles and squares .
Sorry, Jeff. I don't buy that argument. The 'people' WON'T (CAN'T) change, and the 'media' has long been well aware of that.
You are Anonymous. In other words, you hide behind a mask, and pretend to speak for the rest of us. Why do you think we DON'T listen to you?
I am starting to hate this 'Anonymous' group, the supposed 99% of all people. Are they actually trying to bully the media until they self-censor? And is their motivation any similar to religion?
Seems like rubbish to me.
discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Maybe you think someone should do something against the wrong? Right, I think like you. But what you, anonymous, do, is the wrong way to go. Why do you think you are better than them? You have no democracy! You have no respect! And the worst: You have no face!
This is probably the most intelligent thing they have ever written. I am disgusted with the media also with all the "Tabloid" reporting and ignoring what is going on in the rest of the world.
Guys, the point of Anonymous isn't that they can control people. The point is that they represent the many people who want things to change, but don't work at it themselves. If you're against that, form a counter-group or something.
What is sad is pretty much everyone agrees with the cause, but there are people bad mouthing Anonymous. Whether you believe they can/will do anything doesn't matter. But creating a line between allied forces in a battle is not a productive idea. If you think that Anonymous is powerless then watch the interview with Westboro cult - and there are many more examples. If the public doesn't stand up for itself when they have the chance, they may never have another chance again.
Funny...I was under the impression that if I didn't like what the media was reporting, I could change the channel and turn to my trusted sources. Guess that's asking a bit much for some people. Now this group gets to decide what is important to me today? No thanks.
Plus, Anonymous doesn't have a face, because they don't need one. Our government has gotten too corrupt for using the democratic way to work in order to fix things. The votes don't count, only the amount of money the candidate was able to get. And instead of being smart and using a large portion of it towards the national debt, they spend it on themselves, making me, for one, think poorly of them.
+John M The point is that people should get to choose for themselves what is news. News channels just copy each other's stories because if they don't then they think people will go watch the other channels.
John M - have you tried to watch something on tv besides the Whitney Houston headlines, Steve Jobs when he died, along with several other occurances, to name a few. The only good thing about the over playing of these stories is it takes away the excuse to turn off the tv and do something else.
So just try to keep what you watch in perspective. Do your own research and make your own conclusions, rather than just taking everything reported as 'news'.
ter nea
A "docile", and "uninformed/misinformed" flock is much easier to control. Considering how bad a job our "so called" leaders are doing....they can use all the help (Media) they can get!
People want to read about the death of a drug addict, rather than multiple deaths of people fighting for freedom. This means, that there is something wrong with the general population and they need different leadership, which will inspire them to be better. It would be great, if anonymous took this leadership.
Yesterday I met a woman veteran of the war. She was damaged and frightened. I tried to help her. She would only accept food. We need to GET OUT! This is my only solution; so many are killed and damaged.
Part of being an American is the right to report on what we want to report on. By trying to censor media because you don't think what they are reporting on is important enough, you are in fact slapping the first amendment in the face harder than the government you've come so much to hate. You are telling America that only what you think is important is actually worth reporting, and all other information should be censored, while bolstering your position with a facade of "liberty" and "vigilante justice". A better solution, Anonymous, would be to create your own media site, and become one of the Media. If the news you report on is truly better than the others, you'll beat out the competition.
+Kyle Hopper Their problem is it's easier to say that someone is doing it wrong than to actually do it yourself. Anon and Occu are preachers of failure.
nobody fears anon anymore since the hipsters co opted it from the botnet kiddies. The kiddies at least followed through with their threats.
I guess i'm also just a bit cautious because I would rather watch "pop" news becasue then at least I know its bull...all to often people that are trying to report the "real" story manipulate it anyhow and try and pass it off as news. Take the riots in Burma/Myanmar for instance...I was there in country and saw the so called 10's of thousands that were reported....when in reality it was closer to pockets of 1000 here and there.
+Chuck Sanders Why would anyone fear Anon in the first place? Anonymous is fucking amazing :D. Im from the country side and i cant really do much (political wise) so I support anon, and OccupyWorld 100%.
You got a point there...i can do nothing but to vote on you
If "The Media" pisses you off so much, GET YOUR INFO ELSEWHERE! You want to shut them down? STOP WATCHING! No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to watch TMZ.
Who can define what is real news?
+Kyle Hopper They're saying that the media is censoring information, they're saying that people should be able to find out about more than celebrities from the news.
+George Rapko The point is that other people don't get the chance. When was the last time you decided you could run a country differently, and thus got to try it?
Wats the point of having to know all the bad in the world? If theres no entertainment, then this will be a very boring and sad world.
+Oni Wright The point isn't to know all the bad in the world, the point is to get important information from the news, rather than 'OMG this person's having an affair and this person's having a baby'. News should be information, not entertainment. That's why there's comedy, TV shows, etc.
So I see you're going to choose the news people get to see? Thanks Big Brother! You arrogant and cowardly haters of freedom, why don't you just try to beat up another of my brother EMTs? How about stealing more altar objects from the church putting a roof over your heads for free (even the crackheads never did that!)? How about you spew more Jew hatred? Arrogant asses, don't try to tell people what to do!
Nobody is wanting to shut down the media. But when every station is repeating the same thing over and over, it becomes a nuisance, ok so someone famous died, or whatever story is 'big' say it is and move on, repeat it the next hour or whenever you run through all your headlines. This way everyone has equal opportunity to hear/see the stories important to them. That just makes sense... Yes they have freedom of the press, but they are free to report on all topics, they don't need to feel that they are limited to just one story. :-)
+Elias Friedman The media are telling people what to do. Anonymous is saying that PEOPLE SHOULD CHOOSE THEIR OWN NEWS, not have celebrity stuff thrown at them by the media outlets. Hence, FREEDOM OF CHOICE.
Oh for God's sake, get a life a real job while you are at it! Oh also please close your propaganda machine on +Google+! Leave that sort of crap on +Facebook! Be a good petulant child now!
+John Doe Reminds me of the start of the Communist Manifesto - supporting groups with the same purpose, and things done in their name but with another purpose are not Anonymous.
Dear +Tom Rizzo the non-believer (if you aren't just a sock-puppet, as others have suggested)

A) I'd first suggest you read what people are saying before throwing around baseless accusations. Or at least back up your claims.

B) You have to realize that you are yourself the target of those who are fed up of incompetent, wasteful speech. Please, get on with your life, don't reply to this, because there are better ways to help.

C) This ties back to point B, but if you are unhappy with a group's method of doing something, SHUT UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. (incidentally, anon seems to make a proclamation, and shortly thereafter do something about it. The media deliberates and wastes the public's time in a dog and pony show about whether they are actually a malicious hacker group or not.)

As for why I'm replying to you...its because people like yourselves are the problem. I probably won't convince you of much, but if I don't do anything, I'm only adding to the problem. Hopefully you'll take something away from this other than your own pessimistic view of myself.
Elias - not sure what you're sore about, but I'm sure nobody here hurt your brother, nor an EMT. Also most likely haven't stolen from a church. If you would like counseling then please seek it. I would like for you to get the help you need.
What a bunch of pretentious baloney. Real news is available to anyone who wants it. Popular media dominates because it's popular. Sad but true.
Actually, I wholeheartedly agree. We already have shows like ET that follow celebrity lives; we don't need actual news shows to follow them too. However, my news channels never seem to report on celebrities at all. Anonymous' point would be good, if only it were true. For those of us in Seattle, we only need channels 4, 5, and 7; channel 9's for those who are desperate. Take NBC Nightly News, for example, or 60 Minutes. Honestly, they only report on important news, and not on bullcrap like the Kardashians. Anonymous' intent may be good (personally), but I don't see the need for it. If it's attacking shows like ET, then that's a waste of time, since it's specifically targeting people who follow celebrities anyway. America's still a free country last time I checked. 
+Jim Robillard Suggest you read Eileen Heath's comment earlier about how 4 deaths weren't mentioned because of celebrities.
Jim - Maybe so but when paying for programming one should not be confined to searching online for their news. Once you repeat something 3 times with the same or different words it's no longer news. If you want to see the latest on the kardashian and the jersey whores watch TMZ and other entertainment channels. A brief mention is sufficient on the real news stations.
+Jim Robillard I'm not sure I agree with the idea that useless entertainment media should be removed entirely - its not useless, people need a bit of entertainment.

It's not a "bunch of pretentious baloney", as you say that "popular media dominates because its popular". I think they should revise their manifesto to specifically state a goal of popularizing serious news.

Real news is out there, as you say. The problem is no one reads it (who is informed anyways). Making a splash in the entertainment media sector might actually make a difference.

As for a real reform, perhaps their could be an entertainment tax for people who are above and beyond their quotas? There are certainly plenty of useless people who spend too much time improperly amusing themselves.
The main stream media has been compromised. Attacking their tools and systems will probably not have the desired outcome. These organizations live on money fed to them by big pharma, political campaigns, and oil companies. These groups will never let their fully owned news outlets stop. You need a competative news outlet with an alternative source of funds to draw the attention of the masses away from the current main stream. I don't think that will happen since meaningful truth is tiring to witness and its even more difficult to do anything about these global issues for most people. They have their own lives to deal with. With such overworked people, democracy can not function properly.
What a silly video. The media reports what sells. They're not in the business of reporting news, they're in the business of attracting eyeballs. The market determines what makes headline news, not some imaginary elite. It's always easier to envision a smoke-filled room where old rich white men hold secret meetings that determine the fate of the universe. This makes it easier to identify an "enemy" in your self-righteous battle for justice. Fact is, if you want to change what's reported in the news, you'll have to go house by house and influence the consumer at a grass-roots level. It may not be as glamorous as your "war," but it's the only way you're going to achieve your stated objective.
+Kris Grassman You don't think there's a problem with that statement? "The media are not in the business of reporting news." The news channels should be, but they aren't (which is the problem).
It's not about a group or organization taking action, it's about the fact that a person, a people, a nation, a group, needs to take action against a tyrant. One needs to look beyond the curtain and see that there are more oppressing issues than what the "entertainment" and "news" tell us. The problem is that people watch tv, and are told that the break of on Jersey Shore is more important than the fact that a silent war has been going on for more years than any ones knows in the middle east, yet no one knows/cares about it. Or the fact that greedy companies are the ones that are pulling the political strings. What Anonymous is trying to do is show that a cloud has been cast by the greedy, the wealthy, the political, and most religions to blind the populace over the actions that are being done by these "oppressors." Remember "an idea is bulletproof" and "people should not be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people," this holds true for greedy corporations and greedy people.
+John Doe I'm implying that many of the points made in the Communist Manifesto hold true for Anonymous. I haven't read all of the Manifesto, but the main points were that they stood for the many against the few, and that they wanted to take back power. Their issue was that some people possess capital (which they defined as the ability to pay other people to work for them), and other people did not. Anonymous seems to have many issues, but they appear to be about reducing the hold that rich people and governments have over everyone else.
if you are inspired to contribute, contribute everything and people will be inspired by your actions; if not, ignore the operation. that is the way it has always been and that is the way it should be now. we are not trying to dictate the media but neither are we content with doing nothing while the so called yellow journalism distracts the people from important matters. expect us.
Who gives a shit about some stupid ass star.
"Pre-History" of the Christian Jubilee

The year of Jubilee in both the Jewish and Christian traditions is a time of joy, the year of remission or universal pardon. In Mosaic law, each fiftieth year was to be celebrated as a jubilee year, and that at this season every household should recover its absent members, the land return to its former owners, the Hebrew slaves be set free, and debts be remitted (see Jubilee (Biblical)).

What a great idea, all the economies of the world start anew, all debts forgiven and a new start for everyone. A redistribution of the wealth, nobody can own natural resources, they are for the benefit of everyone. A cap on the amount of wealth a man can amass.

A economy that is restructured in fairness and equality will not fail. Good rules that outlaws war and weapons of mass destruction. Rules that dictate the rules and obligations of those who work for the government, not the other way around. Solutions are available if we choose to use them.
Instead of attacking the "mainstream media" for not living up to your expectations, why not pool your resources and start your own outlet for news you deem worthy? Let the market decide! Competition is healthy. Replacing one devil with another is not.
@Robert Bellina: There are alternate perspectives on the news outside of "mainstream media". However they don't have the funding necessary to push themselves in front of the public unless the public go searchnig for them. The fact you don't appear to realise they exist is proof of this. Try Rap News for an excellent series of well researched news-casts (also funny!): RAP NEWS 8: Osamacide
que weba leer esto, ni usando google traductor XD
So true what is said in the video.
I totally agree with what you, the anonymous member is saying, but does the 2-bit Chavs hanging out on the street corner drinking cheap cider really give a hoot what is going on in the world? probably not, they just want to know who is in the next Big brother or see another celeb get wasted, or where is the cheapest place to get the new latest trainers, because it makes their lives seem better and less boring.
The sad fact is, that rightly or wrongly, there is a vast amount of people want this tripe entertainment to distract them from the crap world and reality in which they live.
This is why Facebook and Twitter are so popular, because people want the latest gossip on friends and celebrities because it gives them a false sense of worth and "connection", but the truth is that this false link is only as good as long as the electricity supply remains, how many people could we really connect to with no internet?
Stopping the "media" from reporting and saying things like "no more shall we allow" is paramount to censorship and control of your own making, which is what anonymous is supposed to be against, Remember SOPA? that was about the control of content too.

My one piece of advice to you is this:

To stop a train, it is easier to be in the train and press the brakes, than to stand in front of it on the tracks.

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us
As i doubt that my voice will be recognized by the whole, especially being in the mass of so many other comments i will voice my opinion regardless, as a can tell from reading some of the comments that many people are in great support of this movement and others see fundamental flaws in it. I am in the latter grouping of people. First of which is clearly stated by Chris Cogan in a previous comment, recently we banded together and fought to ensure our freedom to share what ever we wanted. Now we are turning 180 and trying to limit what others can say or post news articles about? I do agree on the concept that all the celeb gossip is all complete and utter bullshit with anything said to get people to read the story. In contrast we will not say anything by cutting our support for news companies entirely, if anything we would make backwards progress. The media is driven by what is popular. if a newspaper website sees the articles on celebs are getting more hits then those of actual relevant world news, which do u think they are going to fund? The ones they are making more money on! If we can show them that what we want to see is real news then that is what we will get. But avoiding companies that have some decent news will only make that news seem to them as making less profit, and cut the funding of those branches of news. So rather then boycott the entire companies, boycott the articles of the prissy self centered celebs, and increase the amount of hits on the articles of real news.

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us
+Drew Miner all comments and concerns are being taken into consideration. it's important that people understand that we are not a hidden force dictating the course of human events behind a curtain. we are you, people, and maybe like you many of us do not have a skill relevant to hacking but we contribute our concerns and by doing so shape the very disposition of our movement. do not think that just because you've simply added an Anonymous group to your circle of friends on google+ that your not apart of our movement.
+Tara Velez can't believe nobody has taken you up on the Guy Fawkes mask and black miniskirt offer.
+Joe Collins Actually, that'd be more than just slightly hypocritical.

Stop pretending to sit on the fence in order to make a point (that isn't even there, in this case)

Its entirely hypocritical.

Except, I don't think Anonymous ever implied that it would control media. You and I can condemn media all we want, have protests outside media offices, boycott papers, etc. And its fundamentally not the same thing as controlling "the media".

Again, the wording of this (initial) statement is strong. Which I don't think is a bad thing necessarily, given the target audience (or intended target audience) of people who will be riled up into action, rather than pick apart what they have to say.

So, nice try, but no.

(More succinctly; you phail. And succeed tremendously at failing. Oh the hypocrisy of your words and these. :) )
+Erik Ramirez While I really enjoy your analogy (layers of paint)...I can not entirely condone racial slurs...I would hold that if there is "white paint", there is "black" and "hispanic" "paint", both of which are just as artificial/repugnant....but this isn't really supposed to be about eradicating racism...even if perhaps certain racist elements might certainly be addressed by media reform (maybe).
We call ourselves legion for, like the demon from Gadara, we are many.
John Derrett, you quote a collection of stories that were edited by the powers of that time to serve their purpose. the media of today is the same as those powers before us in their agenda and use the same editing of what we see and hear to apply that agenda to the masses. do not speak of hidden agendas when you cannot see the many that surround you everyday.
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