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#OpDefense #StopCISPA
Read 'CISPA supporters list: 800+ companies that could help Uncle Sam snag your data' on Digital Trends. As the campaign against the Cyber Intelligence...
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There may be 800+ companies, however there are millions of us. Let them hear us all.
With the current privacy terms of google and facebook, if we deactivate (close) an account with them, are they supposed to remove our data permanently?
Or can they keep these data in their systems?

I know when CISPA comes into effect, they need to retain these information. But I am thinking about removing a lot of info from my google and facebook accounts (probably by deactivating it) before they change their privacy policy
anyone on a social site is already fully aware of this now the huge protests are gonna start honestly i wish i was closer to these places of influence so i could join them like san francisco or new york
We can try to boycott everything, hiding ourselves under the mattress, forever. :(
threatening the money of business's is one of the greatest ways to threaten them... they could give a crap about the people they just want their money
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