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Winds of change.
At last it's starting to feel like spring here in New Zealand. It has been an extremely wet and rather cold winter - and it seems to have gone on forever. The days began to lengthen, hesitantly it seemed, around Imbolc, and all the daffodils flowered. Other...

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Choosing Paganism.
Waxing moon with Venus and Jupiter 19 July, 2015 Sometimes I think it would be easier for me to have followed almost any other religion than Paganism. Surely converting to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism must be simpler than Paganism. I know that if ...

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Pear and chocolate crumble.
Every year I forget how much I love pears. Fruit is so prolific and so cheap throughout much of New
Zealand that I don’t think much about pears when they’re out of season. I know
I take for granted the apples, the peaches, the watermelon, the plums, the

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Knitting with my grandmothers.
So I'm still not hooping, and I miss it. A lot. Several times a day I go to take my hoop off the wall, and then I remember. I tried hooping for five minutes during the weekend and was forced to stop because of the pain in my back, shoulders, neck and arms. ...

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Hanging up the hoop.
I made a big decision this week: I'm giving up hooping. Well, at least for a while. I don't want to give up hooping at all, but I have to. I've written before about my issues with RSI , Things haven't been good with my arms, shoulders, neck and back recentl...

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Just like the trees.
I'm writing this beside a roaring fire, with a certain happy dog stretched out on his sheepskin rug before it. Outside, heavy thundery showers keep passing over; it's dark, and it's cold. I'm feeling very grateful for all this cosy warmth. It's a bleak time...

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My first Samhain.
Samhain altar, which includes photos of grandparents and great-parents. At the end of April I celebrated my first Samhain {pronounced SOW-en}. Samhain marks the start of winter and is one of four major pre-Christian Celtic festivals {the others are Imbolc -...

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A Pagan year.
Crescent moon at sunset, Castlecliff beach. Photo by Anne-Marie MacDonald All my life I've been a spiritual seeker, searching for the Divine. I grew up with a devout Catholic faith, in a close Catholic community. Until I was a teenager I barely knew anyone ...

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It's my third hoop anniversary, or "hoopiversary". On this day three years ago, I picked up a hoop for the first time, and I haven't put it down since! I decided to celebrate my hoopiversary with a new hoop. I choose the beautiful hoop you see above, a 37-i...

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Hoop hate.
What hoop move do you hate most? For me, it's angled waist hooping. It's awkward and ugly and uncomfortable, and the hoop keeps twisting me around. You have to stick your bum out to do it. It just feels silly. But I practise angled waist hooping every day, ...
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