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In the end we only have two eyes and one brain. That means there’s not enough time for all the screens and services in our lives. ~ Steve Rubel

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Steve's observation is perhaps obvious, but it sparked my imagination this morning and led me to think about the question:

How many platforms, networks, sites, apps and in effect people, can one consume (safely)?

Nicholas Carr, author of 'The Shallows, what the internet is doing to our brains' and finalist for a 2011 Pulitzer for non fiction, reminds us of the darker side of the 'Internet', where losing perspective, time and local relationships through overload could isolate people and their communities and even affect global levels of empathy.

Perhaps the recent excitement with G+ which many are displaying, me included, is that we have been given a new set of tools that better unite some important elements of learning:

1. Passion and motivation for a topic,
2. Unite, discuss, share with like minds,
3. Organise the tribe in a single location.
4. Enable serendipitious discoveries
5. Ownership of data, trust and transparency

We are living in a highly aggressive attention economy and Google just played the attention ace and as a result they now have our attention. The market will now determine its success or failure based on how well it meets our tribal requirements, and as Steve suggests above, 'We only have two eyes and one brain...'

In this day and age with so much more to sift through and organise, more than in any other time in history, I'm glad that mankind is continually innovating and exploring in order to make sense and meaning of both the content and the relationships from where it comes.

How are you managing your attention?
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