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Brian Logan (Shadowfoot)
I make people's jobs easier. Business Analyst, Geek, Coffee Lover
I make people's jobs easier. Business Analyst, Geek, Coffee Lover

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Added photos to Onyx Sojourner Medal Day!.

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Added photos to #IngressFS: Wellington, NZ.

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Wow! I'm speechless.

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#IngressFS: Part social, part competitive, Ingress: First Saturday is an Agent-organized FREE meetup that happens on the first Saturday of the month.

The meeting point will be at The Southern Cross, 39 Abel Smith Street, Te Aro, Wellington
Portal (,174.774828&z=17&pll=-41.296375,174.774828).

Join new and seasoned Enlightened and Resistance agents in this purely social cross-faction meetup.  

ALL Levels are encouraged to join.  

Meet local agents face-to-face-to-face, learn how to play Ingress or teach a new agent the ins and outs of Ingress, and share Ingress stories.

10:30 Meetup, Brunch or coffee. Everyone will register their starting level, AP and km walked with the opposing faction coordinator, and the competition will begin at 12:30

12:30 Start trekking, gain AP, and help others on your team level up. 

2:30 Agents meet back at The Southern Cross to record scores, and take pictures. Announce results.

Currently the winning categories will be:

1) Agent gaining the most number of levels
2) Agent gaining the most AP
3) Agent walking the most (Trekker Award)

There is also a crossfaction city-vs-city competition for all sites participating in #IngressFS . Scoring for that competition is the sum of the EN & RE scores.

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Looks legit. 

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I don't understand paleo diet. I just read one where clarified butter is a paleo-friendly alternative to butter. Wheat is bad, but apples that have been the subject of centuries of selective breeding are good? 

What do you think of paleo diets? 
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Everyone should do it
It's an effective way to restrict what t
Is just a harmless fad
It's stupid
It's unhealthy
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