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Helen B
A Heartland Heritage of Life and Crafting; Still in His grip, Helen
A Heartland Heritage of Life and Crafting; Still in His grip, Helen

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Caught up to date on my Project Life (working on week four now!)

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Week 4 Project Life Page Set Added to My Blog Circle Page
I'm staying up to date with my Project Life album pretty well so far. I just keep forgetting to put the pictures of it online for my Project Life Facebook groups and for my readers here :) I added weeks 2 and 3 to the Project Life Blog Circle Page and you c...

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My Home-Made Valentine Card and Silhouette Cut File (Studio)
   I've really been getting into my Silhouette Cameo lately and having fun with that :)  I got and then a few months later got into couponing big time (see my coupon blog at and my Cameo slipped to the side, so I'm making up for lo...

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New Year, New Blog Posts! - First Off is Project Life! Are Any of You Doing Project Life in 2014?
   Hi everyone! I'm back and will be posting here at Shades of Safhire alongside my other blog,    Some of you may remember me posting last year about doing Project Life. I did it faithfully up till about April and life got in the way ...

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You can check to see what people have been Pinning from you site by going here:*yourwebnamehere*.com/ so mine looks like this
I check to make sure people are not pinning my complete recipe in the description when I do this. 

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Reminder to Follow Me at Calvary Couponers( AND I plan to be active here again very soon as well!)
Just a reminder to my followers here that I created and am maintaining a blog called Calvary Couponers at .  I'm doing a trial run for a few months of adding a crafting element to it, but whether it works there or not, I hope to be acti...

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I just finished reading, "The Damascus Countdown" by Joel C. Rosenberg. AWESOME book. I just love his work and this didn't let me down. He is consistently good.  This book was the third in a series.  It's a novel that combines spy intrigue, current events, the Middle East crisis, Bible prophecy and a little splash of romance.  

"Israel successfully launches a first strike on Iran, taking out all of their nuclear sites and six of their nuclear warheads. American president William Jackson threatens to support a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning the Jewish State for unprovoked and unwarranted acts of aggression. And the Twelfth Imam prepares to order a genocidal retaliation. Meanwhile, CIA operative David Shirazi has infiltrated the Iranian regime and intercepted top secret intelligence indicating that two Iranian nuclear warheads survived the attack and have been moved to a secure and undisclosed location. In danger not only from the ongoing war between Israel and Iran but also from the increasingly hostile governments in multiple countries, Shirazi and his team are in a race against time to find the remaining nuclear warheads before the most cataclysmic event in the history of the Middle East comes to pass."

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Sorry I haven't posted :) So much drama of late and my attention has been needed in so many other areas, I hadn't picked up a book lately (odd for me). But I did pick up a book that I'm really enjoying lately! It's "Critical Mass" by Whitley Streiber.  I usually stick to Christian books, but I picked this one up at Ollie's Bargain Outlet ( for just a few bucks. I'm halfway through it.  It's a novel about nuclear bombs and terrorists.  Reminds me of the Joel Rosenberg and Tim LaHaye/Craig Parshal novel's I've enjoyed only it isn't by a Christian author or publisher. Thanks for having me!!

Thanks for inviting me to the group, Melissa! I LOVE to read, but haven't had a chance lately. I've been so busy, but I promise I will be more active as soon as I get control over things that are going on right now. I look forward to getting to know you all better :) I have a number of books stacked up just waiting for me to get to :)
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