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Apple does a great job ninja-killing good but less-popular products. Remember the iPad keyboard dock? iPhone bluetooth headset? iPod Hi-Fi?
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It's easy to kill products. Much harder to kill a ninja-kill a service.
FCP was anything but a ninja-kill. It's still in ICU hanging on, waiting for an organ donor.
+Brett Lider Yeah, all you can do there is let it languish into obscurity.The nice thing about killing off a social site quickly is that those impacted most lack a unified location to vent about it. ;-)
When I bought my wife a first-gen iPad for her birthday, I bought a sleeve and a keyboard dock to go with it. We quickly discovered that the iPad had to be removed from the sleeve to be able to connect to the keyboard dock.

It would help if their fabled design sense had actually been applied; this is the sort of mismatch which the fanboys berate other manufacturers for.
I still have a bluetooth earpiece and it works quite well. I still help my aunt with .Mac MobileMe service and it really sucks.
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