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It's easy for it to get lost in the noise, but this is a huge, huge sign of the times.
Britannica usually prints a new set every two years, but 2010's 32-volume set will be its last as the company goes fully digital.
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Wow, that's sad in a lot of ways. I know it makes no sense to have printed sets anymore, but it sure brings back a lot of memories.
I wonder if they already have a mobile app.
I just posted the news, but with a different link. I agree totally. It marks the line between people of a certain age (like me) who had access to a copy and learned much of what they know about the world from books and the millenials who use Wikipedia.
When I was a kid I'd go to look something up in the World Book encyclopedia and I'd end up spending hours sidetracked learning about things alphabetically close to my original intent. That's what I'd miss.
It's a bit scary thinking about the impermanence of digital data, and how hard it will be for future generations to see how we perceived our world at a given point in our own history.
Definitely the end of an era.
Sad to see it go, especially the loss of the random sidetracking as you describe, or simply thumbing through and finding something at random.
It's not like you can't get sidetracked in Wikipedia Kevin... you can even go alphabetically by doing a prefix search

Random article is also available Matt

I'm not saying it's quite the same as scanning book pages, though you could probably build a web app to do something similar... i.e. offer alphabetically order plus snippets/ some illustrations...
Oh I can get plenty sidetracked on the web too, it's just a different sort of sidetracked! :)
+Kevin Fox It's the impermanence I don't like. Thus far, humanity hasn't stopped putting really important things on paper. What will happen when textbooks and legal documents are all digital? It could end poorly.
Are you thinking of a future where we can globally rewrite history with a single push firmware update?
They do +Brent Logan? I don't much like that, I'd like something to hold them accountable to.
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