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If you care about Google Reader, you should read this.
fox@fury. My offer to Google Reader. Wednesday, Nov 2, 2011 @ 2:34pm. Like many others, I was curious when Google announced that it would be revamping the Google Reader UI and refactor its social comp...
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Wonders if you'd see the need for some action for the new Gmail layout as well (was rolled out as opt-in sneak peek to my account today, not sure what the procedure is).
Well done...just last night my wife was bitching about the bastardization of the Google Reader and was frantically looking for an alternative.
Kevin, can you do gmail too please? Please please please! :) It's part of the daily workflow and I'm scared I'll have to look at that daily.
Gmail update is good especially if you change the look to "Compact". Google Reader update definitely needs some work though.
+Barak Begleiter Someone else wrote me the same thing as you @ the same time. I'm on compact. I don't see the difference. It could be the "smartr" plugin mucking w/ something, but I do have that tab collapsed. Trying themes, maybe that'll help...
Yeah, at least with the Gmail update you can easily get rid of all the whitespace and put the spacing back to the way it was.
Compact mode in Gmail isn't compact enough. You have three menu bars above the content when two should be sufficient.
I hope you're taken up on your offer. I too rely on Google Reader and don't understand how pundits can prognosticate the death of RSS at the hands of Twitter, FB, etc. Completely different use cases. I find the GR redesign similarly infuriating, though I found a GreaseMonkey script that at least addresses the layout density and lack of color and took me off my quest to find a replacement.
colin j
There's like zero chance of Google taking you up on that right?
If he had been serious about that, he would have discussed the issue in private before publishing on the blog.
What really baffles me is how many users still think the New Design is okay after pointing out all the serious usability problems. Normally as an engineer I wouldn't be arsed to make a visual aid in support of an argument, but I just had to for the atrocities committed upon Reader:

+Kevin Fox I hope the Reader team takes up your offer.
Giving Reader a "Display Density" setting like the new GMail fixes the whitespace problem. There still needs to be a border of some kind separating the left and right sections. But honestly, the primary need is the Display Density and then I would be a happy camper.
+Larry Schwimmer compact mode is more compact than the old version in menu/header space. If you are using Priority Inbox you lose "compactness" on the three section headers (Important and unread, Starred, Everything else). I did a side by side comparison to check.
It would be great!
I love how you made gReader and FriendFeed... hope you get a call :)
Fay dao
Thank you Kevin. Hope you got Google's 3 months offer. Can't stand for this new google reader more.
As my daily portal, I don't like the whole UI of google reader right now, thanks Kevin for offering this, and hope google gives you and all the users of google reader the opportunity to bring back the original style.
great news for google reader users...thxxx!
Come back 哥...I have too many subscribes,and i can't open good reader now...Thank you very much!
don't know the next step for google will do
I totally agreed with Kevin. People do NOT buzz around when an essential tool like a kitchen knife or the Google Reader just works. Google Reader was not perfect, as what I imagined a perfect reader product would be, but it worked fine for me, and for millions of other people who I shared with and be shared with.

People didn't tweet about it like crazy didn't mean it hadn't been an extremely important and essential survival tool for them on the daily basis.

When Google screwed up something like Reader lightly in an naive attempt to look prettier, that's when they piss people off badly, like, really, really, really badly.
Thank you Kevin. That will save the world. Reading what friends share is what I live for.
We need to start a campaign on this. Google will probably ignore Kevin's offer and continue to behave stupidly. We should help Kevin get heard.
Support you, hope you can rebuilt the easy acceptable feeling for user. Good luck for you.
get back the old google reader asap!
thank you for the fabulous work and looking forward to your new work. Google reader is very important for the people especially living in PRC and Iran.
thank you for saving google reader~
thank you ممنون
+Kevin Fox it's unclear from the post - did it already happen? Did you actually sign a contract already, or are you still waiting for a response from Google?
Sky Lau
Accept the offer asap, Google ! Get Reader fixed !
Yes,get the previous version of Reader back.
I like the changes. There's always been a lot i don't like about Reader and that hasn't changed but some of the things i really disliked have been replaced with more consistent capabilities. Overall, a fairly innocuous update.

So, +Kevin Fox or anyone else, Can you please go into more detail about exactly what the issues are? I don't see the importance of subscribe and grouping having been changed all that much. Magic sorting still exist, recommendations, browsing and subscribing seems almost exactly the same. From what i can tell, at least the way i use it, the only real changes were the consolidation of sharing features and the UI theme.
I'm using RSSOwl until the craptastic Google Reader redesign is fixed. For me it's mostly the visual issues -- the huge page margins, broken scrolling, and the fact that I can only see half as many headlines as before. The bizarre thing is, the Gmail redesign is great -- they could have copied the layout and styling from that and I'd probably have been happy.
Please! They ruined it Kevin, they ruined it! :'(
Social features were the beating heart of Google Reader for Iranian community. Now there's absolutely nothing left. Zilch.
Google+ really sucks :(
Chan Li
thank you , hope google listen to you
go Kevin go! go and save us all.
we Iranians spent more than 4 years with google reader! we want it back! we don't know what we can do. we just want it back for many reasons.
I was looking forward to see a new design of Reader,
while became popular in China,
while I decided to make notes in rather mark them in Reader..
It wasn't supposed to happen in this way(The redegin of Reader comes after a bad one).
Liu Tao
welcome back sir! good luck!
+Kevin Fox +Edwin Khodabakchian I posted a critique of the new Google Reader here on Google+ a few days ago. I think you're way ahead of me, Kevin, but I'd appreciate if you took a gander.

I really, truly hope they take you up on your offer...they need to!
Well it seems like Google have seen the error of some of their ways as blue links have returned to Reader!
We just need a compact density option and perhaps a little less wasted white space at the top to fix the UI issues in my eyes.
Gmail has a 'compact' option, how about Reader? There must be two dozen so called fixes and not one comes close to returning to the quite adequate and functional spacing of the prior version.
What's with the big white space at both sides of the page?
Pei W.
I hope this post won't sink...
Pei W.
For reader's sake, I even want the buzz back. At least, there is a buzz tab on the profile page, which archives the full content of my shared items...
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