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Max Hervieux
Owner of The Logbook Project, author of Learning Pixel Art and Legend of the Elements
Owner of The Logbook Project, author of Learning Pixel Art and Legend of the Elements

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Hey there! I just wanted to make some noise about how cool the hack my friend +Topher White​ is working on! It's about doing high school drama in the vein of Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl, doing backstabbing drama and teen angst! If that sounds like Monsterhearts, you wouldn't be wrong, but it's doing some really cool stuff in it's distinction. Stats are on sliding scales, and adjust regularly to reflect the constant emotional and personality turmoil of teenage-hood, and there's more interesting extended Clique stuff that's really exciting me! He's not quite at the point where he's confident to share it, but it's got me so excited that I wanted to share some info about it and see if anyone else is as interested as I am in the idea!

+Tomer Gurantz
Did I read right that you're not gonna be at Go Play this year?! Dude, we're gonna miss you!

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This game is awesome! If you like Stranger Things you NEED to check it out!
Abnormal Things
Abnormal Things is a game I wrote that lets you and some friends tell a story similar to the one told in the show Stranger Things. You get to roleplay characters in a small town trying to protect the people they care about from the monster that's abducting ...

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Earlier I wrote that I wanted to play MECHANICAL ORYX as the Mechanical Hound. So I did it. And I did it pretty much live on Twitter. Then I Storified it. You should read it, it's pretty interesting. It's pretty dark in tone, so heads-up on that.

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Having some thoughts about MECHANICAL ORYX, one of this year's winning 200 Word RPGs (link:

It's a neat game. Only thing in it that confuses me is the function of "spend fuel." Is it essentially saying the game is 10 "in doubt" actions long?

Anyway, that's not the thought I was having. I was thinking about the possibility of playing the character that first sprung to my mind when I saw the game's name: The Hound from Fahrenheit 451. Whirring eyes, coiled steel legs, beautiful (but in a terrifying way). The Hound spreads fire, with modules to Hunt and Anesthetize and Placate. It dispels the curse of Knowledge and hunts the intellectual Phantoms and sings a song of Television. Happy people build Firehouse shrines, and attend to the Hound's needs. It is a very grim take on an otherwise happy game (and I think, generally, the game should be happy), but the closeness of the name and the flexibility of the structure to hold the Hound (generally) brought on these thoughts.

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This game is seriously amazing! Go back it!
Tall Pines - a surreal murder mystery rpg - is now live on Kickstarter! Get at it if you like weird, social fun!

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Oh look, TITAN/child has a dedicated webpage now! And art! And a new version!

Alternate plans have overridden my intent to go to GameStorm! Next year, next year... But it's another also good thing that is overriding it, so no worries.

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Help me get to Gamestorm! Special Limited Games On Offer
Ok, so I'm still working on collecting the cash to get to Gamestorm. The best way to support that effort is still to buy Legend of the Elements on DrivethruRPG. (

However, a lot of you already have bought that, and maybe want a different way to support me. The idea of just straight asking for money for my own entertainment sounds real bad, so instead I'm going to do a little donation drive too!
I have a book called Learning Pixel Art. It is a guide to, well, learning the medium of pixel art! It's meant for both total beginners and interested veterans, and is heavy on explaining HOW the medium works instead of just asking you to go on faith that certain things are important. I usually sell it for $1 on Amazon, or for a donation of at least $1 to my paypal (that way you can get a PDF, the format it really wants to be).
I have another historical game that is in its infancy, called In The Court Of The Poison King, about the fall of the paranoid king Mithridates as he kills off his own "treacherous" court while Rome closes in on his fledgling empire. It is a one-page game like Diadem, and meant as a companion piece. No one but me has read this game up until now! It is for five players.

I want to give you those things! If you Paypal me ( literally any money with your email and a note that this is for these things, I'll send them your way! You can pay as little as $1. If you pay at least $5 though, you also get something else:

I have a game-in-progress called Bootstrapping! It's coming along really well, and I'm really excited to Kickstart it as soon as it's ready. It is about the genesis of a baby sentient AI and its journey to its inevitable omnipotence, as seen through its interactions with humanity along the way. It is a 2-player game on cards. The PDF isn't a perfect representation because of the card format, but it's enough to sink your teeth into.

So the general breakdown of ways to help fund getting me to Gamestorm are as follows:
Buy Legend of the Elements softcover on DTRPG: $25
Buy Legend of the Elements PDF on DTRPG: $10
Donate for Learning Pixel Art, In The Court of the Poison King, and Bootstrapping: $5
Donate for Learning Pixel Art and In The Court of the Poison King: $1

I need about $50 to get to Gamestorm. The donation drive runs through the end of March, but I'd really like to get enough by the 10th. Any extra I make will go toward helping me make it to other great cons in the future, such as GeekGirlCon in the fall, or BigBadCon one of these years.
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