What was your first cell phone?
Mine was also a Nokia 2110 and I got it from my mother who was worried that my Ford Fiesta 1100 would have a breakdown. So funny that Joshua Topolsky had a similar reason to get the same phone.

So let's see:
1. Nokia 2110 - with snake! getting SMS from my mother who had also a Nokia 2110 (present from my mother - diAx [now sunrise] - I still use the same number!!!)
2. Ericson SH-888 - first to have IR and allowed me to connect my PSION to read email on the go at astonishing 9600 baud!!!! The antenna constantly broke off (bought 2nd hand for 300 CHF if I recall correctly)
3. Motorola Timeport L7089 - again with IR (my first subsidized phone - destroyed when dropped into a puddle -> back to the SH-888 again :-{ )
4. Siemens S35 - indestructible (changed to swisscom)
5. Ericson T68 - color display!!!! (changed to orange)
5a. Ericson T68 (replaced by shop as the first had strange errors - and no, this has nothing to do that the first one fell into a puddle [I hate puddles!])
6. SonyEricsson P800 - first with camera! the first smartphone) - (stolen)
7. SonyEricsson P800 - i loved the P800 so much
8. SonyEricsson P1i
(9.) an other SonyEricsson P800 - my first "developer phone"
10. HTC G1 (US-Model from T-Mobile US) - first Android (back to sunrise again - on a non-subsidizing contract)
11. HTC G1 (DE-Model from T-Mobile Germany)
12. SonyEricsson Xperia Arc - back to SE!
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