Everything is a Remix

four videos below

Some people keep complaining about not give credits to an original creator of a post and this happens a lot in the internet. It is not only the internet, it happens everywhere regardless of whether it is music, art, movies or software, it happens all over the place.

For some things there are copyrights to protect original creators but for others there is nothing. Actually it is quite hard to claim rights on stuff you post or write online.

Today I found these interesting videos which explains how everything in live is a remix and it covers the history of music remixes, movies, inventions, software, patents and more.

Check out these four videos they are very interesting and worth the time.

Part 1: Everything is a Remix part 1
Part 2: Everything is a Remix Part 2
Part 3: Everything is a Remix Part 3
Part 4: Everything is a Remix Part 4
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