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Fully customizable e-commerce solution, specifically designed for restaurants!
Fully customizable e-commerce solution, specifically designed for restaurants!

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Ever wish you could set the delivery hours for your online ordering?
We make it easy!

Get started today:

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Study shows "One-quarter of consumers say technology options are important features that factor into their decision to choose a restaurant."
Is your business prepared?

A recent study from +National Restaurant Association  finds that customers are increasingly looking to a restaurant's tech options, when making dining decisions.

"NRA research found 9 percent of consumers at least once a week used smartphones or tablets for meal payment, and 26 percent used it at least a few times a year."

Read More:

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Use Technology to Increase Your Restaurant's Revenue

Looking for ways to up your bottom line? Check out +RMagazine's tips -

Bonus - EasyWay can help you with numbers 1-6!
Online ordering (along with loyalty cards) is a great way to retain customers, and increase profits.

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You didn't open a restaurant so you could sit on the phone all day!
Cut the cord, and take orders online! -

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How about some great Greek food for lunch?
We thought so ;)

Order now from the newest member of the EasyWay family, +Jimbo's Restaurant and Bar -

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Not focusing on your restaurant's technology?
You could be sending valuable customers to your competitors.

Add online ordering, and give your customers the best experience possible.

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What is your brand saying?

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Will you be using these tech options in your restaurant?
What's hot in restaurant technology for 2015? Check out our friends at Running Restaurant for their predictions.

+Jaime Oikle #restaurant #technology #onlineordering  

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Yelp plays key role in attracting online traffic

We all know Google rank is important in attracting customers to your website, but how do you get to that top spot when running a small restaurant? Your best bet is #yelp !

Check out the ways you can boost your Yelp reviews, and rise up in the ranks:

#yelpreviews #restaurant via +Search Engine Journal 

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How does your restaurant respond to customer reviews?

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