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Innovative Enerpro Pvt. Ltd.
World of Innovative Energy Products
World of Innovative Energy Products


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Lets have a new Brochure of our products.... #ienerpro   #energysaving   #iepl  
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A real innovative products for your Energy Saving you will get here.... #innovative   #energysaving   #pump   #steamtrap  
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Best of Recovery Pumps 
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Boiler Fuel Feeding Automation System

In low capacity steam boiler and Thermic fluid Heating System, Fuel (Coal & Lignite) is fed by manually so there is no proper feeding of fuel in the combustion chamber. And so efficiency will down and no proper output of Steam pressure and temperature.  We are supplying the best fuel feeding system automation.

• One time installation of system
• Extension of the Boiler life
• Predefine pressure and temperature of steam
• Save Up to 15% Fuel
• Increase Boiler Capacity Up To 10%
• Reduce manpower
• Increased Productivity due to continuous output
• Can be use any low GCV Fuel
• Guaranteed Payback Period of 3 to 6 Months.
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CLANUS Sonic Soot Remover

CLANUS Sonic Soot remover is based on the principle of kinetic activation of the dust particles. The sound generator sent out powerful sound signals, of low frequency & high intensity, at suitable intervals, inside the boilers or separators which cause the soot and other deposits to loosen and break away the bonds from the heated surfaces. These loosen deposits may then drop down into the collection hoppers or be carries away with the flue gas. It can save thermal energy when use in Boiler Fire tube path or save electrical energy when use in Bag filter.

It applicable at Package Boilers, Water tube boilers, Waste heat recovery boiler, Super heaters, Economisers, Air Heaters, Gas Heat Exchanger, Bag houses, Electrostatic Precipitators, fans, Soils, Hoppers & Ductwork. 

• One time installation
• Best to control pollution
• Increased equipment service life
• Lower operating cost
• Low maintenance
• Effective cleaning
• Fully automatic operation
• Continuous cleaning
• Reduced the frequency of Boiler maintenance.
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PLENUS Condensate Recovery Pump

PLENUS Condense Recovery Pump is the Low Maintenance, Non–Electric Solution to use condensate water of steam traps to lift it to feed water tank. It can be pressurized by steam or air which displaces the condensate through a check valve. These are designed to move condensate without the use of electricity and return condensate at higher temperatures. It is constructed from quality material for safe operation in hazardous locations. The casing is carbon steel and internal working parts are stainless steel including float, valve and mechanical linkage.

• High quality moving part assured zero maintenance.
• Suitable for high temp. Application. 
• No cavitations problem 
• Less steam consumption at low pressure.                          
• Can be operated on compressed Air.
• Automatic venting of Air & Non – Condensable gases
• Easy monitoring of pump operation with sight glass is possible.
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RECTUS Stream Trap

RECTUS Steam Traps come with 10 year performance guarantee against orifice erosion and steam wastage.
Due to the tailor made design of each trap, there is TRUE continuous condensate discharge without any open/close cycles rather than intermittent discharge unlike traditional mechanical type steam traps.

It is important to know that acceptable loss from 50 Rectus steam traps is LESS than that of 1 failed open mechanical type steam trap. And CO2 emissions are reduced through reducing steam consumption and boiler fuel usage by up to 20%
• No moving parts
• No spare parts required
• Permanently eliminate the need for steam trap surveys & repairing cost.
• Environmentally Friendly
• Save water
• Save water treatment chemicals
• Save electricity
• Handles varying or constant loads
• Easily handles water hammer
• Automatic air venting at start-up
• Perfect operation in vertical or horizontal installation
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