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what type of switching uses entire capacity of a dedicated link?-please tell answer, anybody could help me.
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Datagram packet-switching is a packet switching technology by which each packet, now called a datagram, is treated as a separate entity. Each packet is routed independently through the network. Therefore packets contain a header with the full information about the destination. The intermediate nodes examine the header of a packet and select an appropriate link to another node which is nearer to the destination. In this system, the packets do not follow a pre-established route, and the intermediate nodes do not require prior knowledge of the routes that will be used.

The individual packets which form a data stream may follow different paths between the source and the destination. As a result, the packets may arrive at the destination out of order. When this occurs, the packets will have to be reassembled to form the original message.

Because each packet is switched independently, there is no need for connection setup and no need to dedicate bandwidth in the form of a circuit.Do more research on the same
it does not follow any specific path. Each packet may have different path. Then, How would it be answer of this question?
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