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Sean Frazier
Gamer, nerd, computer geek.
Gamer, nerd, computer geek.

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From the ashes rises the blog phoenix!...or something equally as dramatic.

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So, I often forget about Google +, and I apologize to it. I forgot to let it outside to go pee. :(

Also, I wrote a book! If anyone is interested in a new fantasy book by an up-and-coming author, here it is!

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I forgot to mention here on Google Plus. As my first two books get ever closer to completion (very close now!), I finally carved out a piece of the Internet for them. It's pretty sparse at the moment, but there will be more tastiness in the future.

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Sometimes, we don't get what we want until a decade or two later.

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My (rather late but rational) opinion on Halo 5...and why punching yourself in the face repeatedly might be more fun for some gamers.

Extra Life 2014 is nearly upon us. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has donated to my Extra Life endeavor and to assure you that I will be sure to stay awake for all of it, playing video games. You did your part and I promise to do mine! On tap will be Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4 for sure. Most likely some Halo: Reach, Destiny, and maybe some Portal 2!

It's going to be a blast!

Progress on the second book goes slowly for a number of reasons.
1. Injured leg. Grumble grumble.
2. Destiny. What a fine game!
3. Work. Necessary, but time-consuming.
4. Cats. Just's always cats.

"The Coming Storm" is chugging right along. I'm going to have some heavy editing ahead of me because I don't think this is the best writing I've produced but I at least got a good plot down.

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