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Big guy, huge motorcycle, average sized guitar.
Big guy, huge motorcycle, average sized guitar.

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Took a snapshot in 1920's Berlin in Second Life. Adjusted my perspective and took another. (Then did all that several more times.) How I view it:
1. Open Virtual Desktop (a Steam thing that works with Oculus Rift and who-knows-what-else.
2. Open image in any image viewer (e.g. Windows "Photos" app, or a browser) such that it can be viewed full-screen.
3. Hit F6 to switch Virtual Desktop to Full-SBS mode.
4. Mutter to myself, "There, THAT is how Linden's Oculus-compatible viewer should make my favorite neighborhood look, dammit."

Settings I need to figure out (if they even exist) to make these shots better:
* Freeze Sky, so clouds don't move.
* Don't decrease mesh resolution just because I'm 200m away.
* Pick a pose from my avatars AO, but freeze, so I don't move (and can then be in the picture, which really makes any picture better).

#SecondLife #OculusRift #VirtualDesktop #3DSBS

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This is why I try to make reservations with opentable. But wouldn't complete it this afternoon. So I just called. I spelled both names over the phone. Oy!

On the one hand, I'm very irritated that the GOP is saying they'll refuse to confirm any Supreme Court Nominee put forward by Obama. They want the NEXT President to nominate. That's total BS. #FillTheSeat

On the other hand...

...any slim chance that we'll be able to see combined CSPAN and Comedy Central coverage of the confirmation hearings for a President Sanders Nominee to the Supreme Court... is a chance I'd like to take.

Hulu has given me (well, likely all of us) a Showtime Preview Weekend. Been semi-binge-watching Homeland season 3 since discovering it was more than just the season premier.

Took until the 3rd episode before it made me cry. Usually, that'd be bad news. But hell, it's riveting!

In the end, my office PowerBall pool won $39. We've decided to "let it roll" in that the envelope will be tucked away and pulled back out next time the PB gets up a ways. Then we'll probably all/each chuck in another bit and run through the exercise again.

I feel a bit of condescending pity for the (probably) millions of people who played beyond their means, and now have to make difficult decisions this month. But as for me, that was quite a bit of fun for a few days. "Entertainment Purposes Only."

Dear Apple: Please rename "Find My Friends" to "Locate Resources". I have co-workers and such who also carry iPhones, and whom I would often like to find, but I cannot reasonably invite them share their location via "Find My Friends" because - well - we ain't friends.

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There is no way that's actually true. It has consistently slid downhill since it became a microsoft product.

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Sorry, uncubed, but you're mistaken. Google Glass was definitely at least that obnoxious.

For all musicians – check out the video on this new product, looks amazing – the JamBlaster by @JamKazam –

For some months, I've been on a "local social media" thing called Had an interesting premise. Discussions not unlike those which happen on Facebook or Google+, but specifically geographically local.

But the two noisiest threads there by far were about...
1) People who claim ownership of cats (paid for their shots and whatnot), but the cats roam free, no collar. Ugh.

2) And another thread complaining about unreliable delivery service of the Sun Current. A newspaper. A printed newspaper... titled "Current". As if the title of the newspaper wasn't oxymoron enough, we're discussing it at length ON THE INTERNET.

What a waste of resources. I was hoping it would be another corner of the sharing economy. Or something else actually useful. Not so much. Deactivated my account.
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