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Hey Scotty, I am in the market for discounted left over 2017 cars. I am finding some sweet deals.

My goal is under 11 grand (might make exception up to 14k if worth it), fuel efficient, inexpensive to Run and Own over the long term. All new, exception of one CPO 2015 Scion XB.

1. Ford Focus 2.0 160 hp with manual. (off to test drive today) under $11,000. These seem like a really good value. Reviews state they drive like a sports sedan. Weird the rear seats have no power windows? No Cruise, but under 11 grand?? I know.. AVOID the automatic.

2. Toyota iA 1.5 liter engine from the Mazda 2. I drove one it was fun. $13,700. The manual is the slickest I have encountered shirt of maybe a Miata. It got 44 mpg on the freeway when I test drove. Handled really well. peppy enough. Weird front end styling.

3. Kia Soul 1.6 liter base model. These seem reliable. It was decent. Comfortable, felt well made, roomy, well equipped. JD Power rates them high in quality and reliability. Owners seem really happy and I see these EVERYWHERE. $13,300

4. Mitsubishi Mirage G4 1.0 3 cylinder - Over 45 mpg doable. 10 yr powertrain warranty. Looks like I can get a base one for barely $9000 with foglamps and blue tooth options. I know the reviews are poor from "professional auto testers", but owners report they are very reliable, I seldom see anything related to repairs, just maintenance. Plus, the back seat is actually the best of the bunch at carrying my kids forward and front facing seats. They have sold this current one since 2014 in the USA. It is slow. Dog slow. But seems really simple to keep up and to work on. It could get over 50 mpg with light foot.

5. Ford Fiesta S 120 hp 4 cylinder. I hear mixed reviews. They seem sporty to drive for a basic hatch. I like the looks well enough and I think it would be fun to drive. 40 mpg freeway is not bad. About 11 grand.

6. Toyota iM - basically Corolla with hatchback and 6 speed manual. A bit spendy. $15,700 after discounts. I found it a little dull, but handled very well. Felt well made. Arguably best looking of the bunch. Has that 1.8 4 cyl Toyota has been famous for. I would need to wait until they go on sale lower end of year again since then one remaining offered as left over 2017 already sold. Okay fuel economy, 35 mpg.Maybe 40 on the highway at 55 mph.

7. Scion XB - with 6 speed manual, 15k mile 2015. has a 2.4 liter Camry motor. Roomy inside, like a Soul. Can likely get for 11 grand range. I know.. you will likely recommend this the most. Fuel economy seems so so.

I need a 4 door with low cost as main attribute. I plan to keep 15 years then give to a kid if they want it, if it fits my needs well enough. It will be a second car in the home. We already have a recent Forester for bigger family car.

I have a 92 VW GTI 16 valve. Owned since 99. I am resurrecting it a bit. I just started it for 20 min every 2 weeks for about 9 years since I was not really needing a car.

Recently I drove it more and it stalled due to a bad serpentine belt. I replaced it and it runs great. New power steering belt too. New Interstate battery, new factory round headlights. Added some new tires too boot. I even went to an interior guy and had a fresh headliner installed pretty reasonably.

The car runs great, but the first 10 minutes when it is cold, often it will sputter at acceleration and might even stall if I don't keep the revs up. Is this a fuel injection cleaning, or something else that might need addressing? The fuel pump was done in 2006. I think both pumps in close proximity of miles and time.
After about 30 minutes of driving the engine check light will often come on. I am not sure if it is a sensor or something else? The auto parts places cannot hook it up to a gauge because it is a 1992 before the OB scanners they have.

Seeing it Sat quite a bit, with some regular starting, and seldom Driven, anything you recommend I change out?

It has 180k. I have owned it since 99 when it had 117k. I don't drive much, never did.
About 18 years ago it received a brand new clutch, new alternator.

In 2000 I put a new timing belt and other associated parts recommended with it. These should get new timing belts to avoid engine damage every 45k or better according to many sources. I have not even hit 30k since it was done, but should I be concerned it was over 15 years ago?

I like this car. I have thought about selling it for something brand new under 14 grand, like a discounted Mazda powered car i.e. the Mazda iA. Have an opinion?

I know my car is neat because they are not very common, and I love the simple manual interior and manual sunroof. Just wondering what my best Bet is.

I plan to drive a little more locally, to take my 3 yr old to some indoor playgrounds this winter and my infant to sling on me upon arrival. Maybe 5k a year, at most. I have done well without a car for years, but I want a little flexibility so I have been fixing it up. I could finish it up a bit and sell it for decent return due to increased value amongst enthusiasts. It is a really fun car.

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I would be interested in a new VW again if they released one if these. 
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Here is the breakdown of what is happening and what I need to make this happen. 
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My latest regarding the ADU. 
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