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Giving up too early is THE downfall to most blogs. It's a struggle to get out there, so even after 6-12 months, keep going! :) Don't give up! Work harder everyday to make it the best it can be! Great tips!

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I really love #4. Technology can change quickly, but a buyers mindset has become so focused on 'is that company online, is that company up to date with technology', etc. They want to see that whoever they work with is up to date on the same type (or far advanced) technology that they're aware of. 

If consumers are finding you online and they can't find your website, they'll turn a competitor who does.  If they're trying to search for you on a mobile phone and your website isn't optimized for mobile, then they'll go to the competitor who does have a nice mobile website. And so on.

There are still a lot of business owners that are stuck in the stone age and refuse to grow - which ultimately is killing their business. 

Great tips!

Hi there! So many great pics so far! :) I'm looking forward to +1'ing others as well as sharing my own. :) 

Hiya! Got my open water certification several years back when I worked at a dive shop. I love to dive but once you've dived the lakes & rivers around Texas once, you're pretty much spent! LOL My dream had been to become an instructor, but unfortunately didn't get that far. Love to dive recreationally, though! 

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Love my new glasses!

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Great post + blog was highlighted at the end. :)

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