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Lejaun79 (Lejaun Eksteen)
Anything that goes Bang or Brrrooom excites me.
Anything that goes Bang or Brrrooom excites me.


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I took my wife to the range the other day because she wants to get the ball rolling to be a fire arm owner herself and also because she loves to shoot.
What better way to to enjoy yourself than shooting steel.

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A little tip for you when shooting one handed.

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Shooting a bit of steel at the range.
I put 8 inch steel plates @ 16 and 25 yards

My practice for the day was more to get rid of my stupid flinch.
The other thing I battle with is not to go fast. Yes going slow is not easy when I'm having fun. My evil laugh at the end says it all.

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This was my 4th idpa match, I liked this stage a lot.
I messed up by engaging the small steel plate on the far right after shooting the cardboard thread, and got a PE for that. "not slicing the pie!!"

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This was my 2rd idpa match and I think I've done ok.
On some stages I messed up, others like this was much better.

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It might sometimes look slower for a spectator, but to the shooter it's all happening so fast. My best time here was 3,6 seconds.
If only I was this fast on all the stages.

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Steel plate shooting challenge - it's not that easy guys.
and I had to do a reload in that one, because I ran out of ammo...ooops, still did that one in 14sec. Fortunately you get to through your worst time of the 5 out.

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I competed in my first Steel Plate Challenge today. I did it mainly to focus and improve my accuracy and secondly speed. Hoping it will help me if SHTF and also when competing in IDPA matches.
I took is slow, very slow, but learnt a lot. I will upload some more from this match soon.

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Another video testing my newly installed "minus connector" just after I dropped it in.

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I installed my new 3,5 lb connector. Very noticeable difference.
Easy "drop-in oem part", who needs a workshop? Took me 5min at the range.
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