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Andrew Bransford Brown
Owner of Kid's Courtyard - luxury buildings for single mothers and their children.
Owner of Kid's Courtyard - luxury buildings for single mothers and their children.

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Fibonacci Sprials?
Has anyone tried overlaying Fibonacci spirals in 3 dimensions to represent electron shells?

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Update to the data structure
Someone suggested this and I agree.

Break the units and denomination into two 'events'. So, we would have:

I Offer 100
My Offer-units $
My Terms 'plane ticket to BKK'
His Terms 150
My Offer 130
He Agrees.

The event granularity works.

That brings t...

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Federal Reserve meeting 2017/1/16 10 AM Transcript.
Andrew Brown   Monday 10:00 AM: Andrew Bransford Brown will explain how to a) Retire the national debt, and b) finance infrastructure/economic projects. Lakeland, Florida. Like  ·  Reply  ·  January 14 at 1:47pm Hide 14 Replies Andrew Brown   I don't believ...

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Bacterial growth patterns & Intersections of magnetic parabolas
If the electro-magnetic field of all atoms is accounted for, growth patterns might conform to the magnetic parabolas. IF there is anomalous growth, it might show consciousness.

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Tritium, charges and neutrons
Taking Tritium for example, do neutrons affect the proton's charge?  Ie. is the electron probability distribution equal on all sides of the Tritium atom?  Or, does the Tritium have a spin? My question is if Neutrons transmit charge or potentially dull the c...

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Breath underwater indefinitely by splitting Carbon dioxide in the lungs
Lasers can split the CO 2 in the lungs into C and O 2 .  If the CO 2 -splitter disposes of the Carbon safely, the O 2  would be reused by the erythrocytes' hemoglobin indefinitely. With proper safety gear for ears, mouth, and eyes, one might "scuba dive" to...

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Cell biology & exocytosis
While pondering how exocytosis works, it occurred to me that "Intersections of magnetic parabolas" potentially explains this phenomenon. If the overall macro-molecular construct of the cytoplasm/protoplasm, referring to the internal "charge" of the cell wit...

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This morning I named a new group of "elite", I call the "Forevers". Who are the Forevers?  It's a Millennial type of term, with a similar understanding to "Universals" (universal basic income).  The "Forevers" are those who chose to perpetuate their behavio...
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