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Andrew Bransford Brown
Owner of Kid's Courtyard - luxury buildings for single mothers and their children.
Owner of Kid's Courtyard - luxury buildings for single mothers and their children.

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Proposal for a new Data Access Standard: Load/Store/Delete (sent to NIST yesterday)
Adopting a new standard will force a re-write of all Federal software.  Push SQL back into the database where it belongs. All software is built to textbook standards. Load/Store/Delete follows proper architectural n-tier design Most systems can be re-writte...

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System.Persistence for the .NET Framework
Proof of concept using the Load/Store/Delete interface.  Can use in new projects. Originally written in Java, then VB6, now .NET.

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This would have been known and caught had System.Persistence been the standard.

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Imagine you are James Bond's wife.
And James Bond goes missing and you want to review his assignment records and last known whereabouts.  But you need to verify the computer data can be trusted.  As you are probably not a database or computer expert, you'd have to be able to review quickly, ...

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Data access in THREE lines of code
Email me for the link (with source code) Persistence.dll should be self-explanatory. Any database. Any language. (Currently written for C#/SQL Server)

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FCR Financing
A Federal Credit Receipt (FCR) is a temporary placeholder for a Treasury obligation during its negotiation.  All aspects of monetary, taxation, and debt repayment are negotiable. In the simplest case, a bond-owner might trade their bonds for a revenue strea...

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Fibonacci Sprials?
Has anyone tried overlaying Fibonacci spirals in 3 dimensions to represent electron shells?

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Update to the data structure
Someone suggested this and I agree.

Break the units and denomination into two 'events'. So, we would have:

I Offer 100
My Offer-units $
My Terms 'plane ticket to BKK'
His Terms 150
My Offer 130
He Agrees.

The event granularity works.

That brings t...

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