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Great perspective.  Follow +Neila Rey  for continued positive encouragement and suggested workouts that require little to no external equipment.

Had to re-share as the first attempt was a "private" share.
From dreaming to achieving with weekly goals
It’s actually quite simple: if you don’t set well-formulated goals and act on them – you don’t move in the direction you want. Life is like a current that just takes you places whether you want it or not and the only control you have over your future is action. We react more to what happens to us than we would like to admit so the only way to stop drifting is act, not react. 

Goal setting is everything, you point yourself in the direction you want to go and you force yourself, make yourself move towards that direction. Floating through life is something we can all do, just take one day at a time and see what happens. If you don’t like these odds, well, make a plan, break it down into chunks and stick to it - on a weekly basis. 

A goal without a deadline is a dream and we all know how futile that is. The problem with life-long goals that they tend to never really happen since the deadline is so stretched. A goal that lasts a year is a good one providing you can stick with the schedule and dedicate yourself to it completely but if you can’t make such a commitment, think in terms of a smaller time frame. Week-long goals are manageable and a lot easier to track and follow through. 

The best part, you don’t have to move mountains each week, you just have to be consistent. Set four or five goals for every week, it doesn’t matter what they are but make them doable. Like, for example, if you want to learn a new language set it as a goal to learn 14 words by the end of the week. That’s just 2 words a day – completely manageable. Keep a reminder at your desk, or better yet use a calendar with a pop-up reminder to do just that, pick two words and learn them every single day. Or, if your goal is to write a book, your goal would be to write just 5 pages by the week’s end. Five pages isn’t difficult, is it? And you don’t even have to write every day – as long as you can produce these five pages. You can be done in a year without pushing yourself too hard. 

Small things, they matter. It’s crucial that you take these small steps on a regular weekly basis. Take your time to formulate your weekly goals and then stick to them. You will end up doing things you have been postponing and delaying for years. Set a goal today, just one, to try it out and get it done until the week is over. Make sure you are always aware of your goal so write everything down and place it somewhere it can be visible to you at all times then set up an alert  on your calendar or phone to be reminded about it every so often during the day. Sometimes, that’s all it takes, slowly moving forward but moving nonetheless in the direction you set for yourself. 

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The real new world of ADHD. 
ADHD is not a disorder, it is a difference in cognition.

If you think ADHD is a disease you should think more open minded. Think about skills and creativity...

In most cases creativity comes in chaos, not in orderly sequence;)

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Looks like a great ride! 

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Awesome motorcycle trip across the western hemisphere. One day, maybe...
A POV motorcycle journey from the extreme north to the tip of South America.

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Way more than just a trick'n skate vid.
A magical skate session through the colorful streets of India.

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