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entyla shah
Trust isn't cheap.
Trust isn't cheap.

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Betol nye cut manpower eh.. awesome lah.. hari raye lak nk amek leave mcm aku mintak leave sebulan 

Just another day of the same shit.

When u learn to talk w/o facial expressions. I think thats the time u really cant be bothered.

Yeah. She managed to stray my attention away from my bikes. If along comes another one thats able to do that. It would be a miracle

Cant deny I do still keep you in my prayers but please.. I need to be.. u know... happy..

The body is here but the mind isnt. Aint got no reason to be staying here no more. News spread faster than the papers. People trying to befriend u only to know they have different motives. For eg. to ruin your r/s. Couldnt care less. I dd wt i had to.

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Hopefully, this will be the last picture of being here.. it was a good learning point.. to be able to see different kinds of people.. sometimes the one u love n trusted the most is the one that will turn against u.. the one ur not close with could actually be the one one u could trust.. thanks.. this will make me stronger..come life.. give it all u got!

I decided that maybe alone was what I needed

At times, to remove the pain is to let go. Goodbye. It was a fun ride while it lasted fate.

Is she the one? Dear god, please gv me sign if she is/isnt the one. Im tired of this. Its taking alot out of me.
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