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Google opposes SOPA and PIPA from its home page.

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We often geek out in my circles about what's wrong or right about Google+. In this accidentally public post by Googler +Steve Yegge, which was at first taken down, he identifies the one very crucial thing that Google sucks at, while other digital giants (even Microsoft, Amazon, and also very importantly, Facebook) excel at it: platforms.

Why does it matter? Read this rare and lucid internal critique of Google to find out what he means:

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My company.

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Setting up the Salt of Life brand on Google+. Add to your circles!

This update is going via Google+ and will automatically show up on my Facebook account.

Some stuff I was just saying on Facebook... +Reed Botwright +Bruce Burley +Trevor Murdock +Mindi Pettitt

I realized earlier this morning that Google can't "organize the world's information" without crowdsourcing and social. Time and space aren't just dates (calendar) and coordinates (maps) -- they're full of organic personal events, places with personalities and meaning. Digital information is increasingly personal and connected (document sharing, conversations). With its suite of free tools, Google has a unique opportunity to make social flourish in a way that I don't think Facebook can compete with.

Facebook slapped an app layer on top of a social platform, while Google is reincarnating everything it does as social. Google has the the resources and cred to pull it off.

I anticipate the conversation for the next year or two will be about the annoyance of having both Facebook and Google+ to contend with. We'll have Facebook and Skype on Microsoft phones and Google+ on Android phones. The two networks won't merge or be compatible, and people will wish they could do without one of them. Which one will they give up on? Some will give up on both, many will gravitate to Twitter (we'll have words to distinguish complex social networks from simpler ones).

Facebook doesn't have any experience with this level of competition; they're good at pioneering, not copying. Unless Facebook does something brilliant and agressive, (or if Google screws up) FB is going the way of MySpace.

For years now, I've been forwarding my Gmail to my Hotmail account, since I had the latter first and consider it my primary email account. Then I use Outlook to check my Hotmail. Is it now time to seriously reconsider? Discuss.

That innocent-looking black bar is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Will our internet experience soon seem naked without it?
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