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It's just the beginning of a demo mobile marketing campaign.
Scan this code with your smartphone  to see the demo, it changes every minute on the hour. we could set this up to change daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or anytime you need to change your message all from one #QR-Code.
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Stay tune and find out how we do this...
How do you change your marketing message once it printed and in the hands of your customers & prospects?

 And is there any reason that wouldn't what to know that?

Stay tune and I'll show you effective way to do just that!
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Out & about helping local businesses with their mobile marketing.
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How to Market Your Busines Using Mobile Marketing

A Couple Of Great Suggestions To Use To Develop Your Mobile Marketing Strategy 

On the subject of promoting and marketing your small business, consider putting together and then having a cell phone marketing campaign. It is not difficult and in fact is very easy to do.  In fact, it may be on the list of the least difficult and most cost-effective types of marketing for you to put into action today. However, it could be a complete and utter waste of time and resources unless you decide to use it to its fullest ability. 

In this article are a variety of pointers that businesses can easily perform that can take their cell marketing and advertising plans to another level: 

1. Games or Polls

Text message polls and contests ( often called "Text-to-Win") have become increasingly popular with quite a few small business owners. This type of prize drawing calls for ways to get people to mail a message via their cellphone to a designated SMS (Short Message Service) code. By doing this, the person gets into your contest or drawing for a chance to win a prize. Once they do, you now have their cellular phone number so that you can keep marketing to these people. 

Prize drawings deliver such great results for the reason that access is definitely rapid, instantaneous and the confirmations happen to be preety instant as well. Not only this, but they also increase shopper discussion and entertainment while helping to create your new customer database (or list) simultaneously so that you can market to all of them later on. 

A majority of these special offers also deliver top results due to the fact many people help to bring other people directly into your business so they can buy your goods and services. They can be ideal for word of mouth marketing promotions and are particularly powerful when it comes to generating news along with anticipation with regards to your business. 

Be sure that you provide an enticing prize so you get hold of many people that want to enter as possibly can. Remember that an excellent "attractive prize" doesn't have to be an "expensive" prize… simply just some item which all of your subscribers will see some appeal using . 

2. Mobile Social Groups

Text message Groups (often known as Mobile phone Clubs) are an easy way to establish client interaction along with developing your collaboration even more along with excellent promotions as well as marketing and sales communications. It usually is as easy as customers opting-in in order to get regular text notifications on their cellphone regarding new products, in-store sales along with cellular coupon codes intended for in-store redemption. 

If you're a brick and mortar business, Mobile Clubs could be a fantastic way to stay in touch with all your purchasers and be sure everybody is simply up to date regarding what is going on in your company.

At the time you start a Mobile Club, you are able to include text message notifications (also called SMS Notifications), which in turn allow for you to engage with clients with focused facts to keep your brand on top of their minds. SMS Notifications are usually fundamentally speedy textual content concerning beneficial newer services, a purchase you may well be having at the store, or maybe bursts of up-to-date information to maintain your opt-in list up to date for a unique topic of great interest. 

This process will definitely continue to keep these people returning! 

Give some thought to it… are there any aspects of your small business that might genuinely really benefit from a simple yet effective, real-time, conversation approach designed to develop customer commitment along with help the bank balance on promotion concurrently? 

3. Text Polls and Voting

Do you need suggestions or perhaps ideas on your new product lines from your shoppers or maybe the general public on the whole? Textual content voting could possibly be your solution mainly because it means that you can engage with customers and find invaluable feedback on products and services or maybe the store experience. 

The simplest way to supply customers what they want could be to ASK them what they really want. Cellular promotion makes it possible for you to complete this approach without difficulty in addition to efficiently by means of Text message Voting. Consumers lug around their mobile phones using them virtually 24 hours 7 days per week thus marketing to all of them on their cell device is actually not really difficult at all. 

On top of that is the fact people like to provide their thoughts and supply recommendations on product or service which they pay for. By permitting these people to actually vote on particular components of your small business, you set about to generate a level of confidence with them that will take you a long way. 

Not just that, then again text message voting helps to assemble your own list of clients since people that most likely are not at this time on your list are going to be incorporated when these people place their votes!
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Mobile Marketing
You are probably aware that people are spending more time on their mobile devices and accessing the internet using them.  That means that you also need to make sure that you have a plan for your business to meet the needs of mobile device users.  And the way the trends are looking, you will soon need to anticipate that a majority of your visitors will be using their mobile devices.

There are a number of things that you will need to consider.  One of the first will be whether or not, you will need to get a mobile website or a mobile application to promote your business.   If you have done any surfing online using a mobile device, you realize that there is a difference.  

But much depends on what kind of business you have and where you generate sales.  More importantly, what are the expectations of your site visitors? 
Another thing that you’ll want to consider is whether or not you could benefit from using SMS marketing.  You will want to consider this form of database marketing because it is clear that consumers are going to be using SMS to communicate with each other.  

And if you are going to have a presence everyplace where your prospect is, you’ll need to consider whether text messaging makes sense for your business.
You’ll want to re-think about your social media strategy and incorporate the use of mobile devices.  Are there ways that you can encourage interaction on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  

Should you think about other social networks that are almost entirely mobile such as Instagram and Foursaquare? 

Yet one more consideration is how to administer discounts, barcodes and QR codes.  You have probably seen the scanner codes that allow visitors to be sent to a page of your choosing.  

Does this strategy fit the kind of business that you have or can you leave this for another time?
Then there is the impact on all of the other strategies we have discussed prior to this lesson in the context of mobile device use.  What is the impact on building your database, or public relations or direct one-on-one marketing?  

Should you be integrating all of these methods along with mobile devices into your current marketing mix?  

We can help you put mobile marketing into perspective.  Call us today(770-572-4002) so that we can sit down with you and outline a real marketing strategy that takes all promotional avenues and puts them in perspective. 
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Our Mobile Marketing Website Templates are specifically designed to convert mobile visitors to your web site into valued customers, enabling you to take full advantage of the EXPLOSION in mobile traffic and grow Your Business...Mobile Marketing is the future and it's here NOW so it's essential to mobilize Your Business TODAY! 
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Hudson Solutions LLC Mobile Maketing Infographic
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Post has shared content Businesses can increase their ROI while lowering their marketing cost by using Mobile SMS Marketing
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Post has attachment Businesses can increase their ROI while lowering their marketing cost by using Mobile SMS Marketing

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Hudson Solutions LLC Mobile Maketing Infographic
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