A little side-trip to Amsterdam, awesome weather for this time of the year I've been told.
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It's fabulous this time of year. Then again; I think it's fabulous all the time. :) Still, fall and spring are my favorite times to visit. Be sure to leave yourself some time for the Reichsmuseum. It's worth it.
love this one, very simple but so effective, great colours
Beautiful shot of a blue sky over Amsterdam. When I left Holland more than 20 yrs ago, every sunny day was a smoggy day, with factories closing on alternate days and reduced car use. Seems a huge improvement since then.
I'm so jealous. what i wouldn't give to travel. Great work!
The colorful photos caught my eye... then reading Expedition here, Expedition there... I had to read "About" and am impressed with your travels. An INSTANT circle. :o)
The weather is really nice but it will change the upcoming days.
Different perspective ... quite nice. thanks for sharing.
Alicia, A woman after my own heart. I lived in Holland for almost 3 years. I love the place and will be going back in about 1 and a half years to stay for good. Amsterdam is a place I would go to to have a little more fun than I was having elsewhere in Holland. Didn't you love the history, the art, the forward and free thinking people of Holland and the ease of traveling to other countries? Good picture you've posted here, I know that place well. 
good when are u coming to Africa esp Ghana?
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