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Meenu-Parva time in New Orleans, USA
"A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being
together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends
never part."- Quoted   Cruising Mississippi river. Downtown Jackson Square, French Quarter French Quarter Nightlife in Fre...

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P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han
My Review: 4/5 I
finished this book and I have no idea how to feel about it. You know this can
happen in real, but there was something which didn't add up for me.
Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what that factor is because I don't know it
myself. "I
have h...

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Lausanne-Geneva: Switzerland
''A new breed of traveller is, today, heading abroad to find better careers, more intellectual simulation or simply more adventure. This highly educated and globally minded cadre are neither immigrants nor expats; instead, they're happy to move from country...

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Premier League: Manchester United 1-1 Leicester City
'Hopefully Man United can do us a favour.' Ok,
first of all who does the favour here? No one is sitting here saying 'I have to
beat you so that other team can win the title' . Nobody thinks about others
here. It’s a competition for God's sake. It was really...

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Never judge the book by its cover
So it was like this. I went to the book shop (the kind of things I love doing in my limited free time). Although we hardly get English novels  here,  I feel better when I go there. So, I was just wandering around, minding my own business and suddenly..........

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A song for Julia by Charles Sheehan-Miles
My Review: 4/5 It all starts with a kiss……. He-   I have a broken past and I don’t believe in
relationship. I play in a band and I am a high-school drop-out. What sort of
guys do you hang out with? She-   I am a final year student at Harvard. I don't hang

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Sidney Sheldon's The Tides of Memory by Tilly Bagshawe
'And somewhere far, far away from here, there is a man. A good man. A beautiful man in his own way. But she must not think about that man. Not now. Not today. But she had found his presence comforting and pleasant. She wished she could bottle that feeling s...

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Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark by Tilly Bagshawe
My Review:1/5 Please don't let me hate her, Please don't let me hate her! I was saying this throughout the book and you know what, I do hate her now.  Four men in different countries are murdered within 10 years time. The only common things about those men ...

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Sweet Little Thing by Renee Carlino
My Review: 2/5 There are hard times, don't get me wrong, but I haven't forgotten what I learned so brutally a few years back he and I met. I learned that you can't predict your future, there's no crystal ball or formula for happiness. You can't control the ...

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Sidney Sheldon's After the Darkness by Tilly Bagshawe
My Review: 4/5 In another life, a different dream, I could have loved him. But that chance had passed, blown away like a feather in the wind. She knew she would never go back.      Would she really go abroad? Probably, Or perhaps she would simply fade away ...
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