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Nice infographic.

Envisioning emerging technology for => 2012

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Here's something I've been working on for Modtrove called quickbar. tldr; it's a plugin style thing built with widgets to display semantic data in a non-invasive and easy to read form.

This is important because looking at raw semantic data is incredibly painful. The output of the brilliant OSCAR4 can be funneled to XML which is slightly more readable but for end users who aren't hopelessly masochistic a more visual form is needed that makes sense of the information without presenting it all at once.

The solution is to take the output of OSCAR4 (which performs natural language processing and chemical identity detection, and a few other pretty neat things), process this output into a semi-understandable format, and then process this further into a visual (or otherwise meaningful) result.

There's two important keystones that form the basis of quickbar. The first is the user doesn't have to deviate from any normal routine, they don't have to tag their posts with something, they don't have to write blogs in a separate section and they don't need to use Instagram (nobody does). The second is that quickbar doesn't rely on plugins such as Flash and Java that make life hell.

The demo below (hosted on the unofficial Modtrove server) shows 3 widgets and an extended widget. A little about each below:
Clock: Shows the total time that the procedure takes (Identifies time phrases and adds them)
Yield blob: A visual/text representation of the yield of the product, on rollover further information is revealed if available (mass/units, product name).
Colour swatch (hit 'See more' to see this one): Identifies the colours in a reaction and generates a swatch from them. I can't imagine this has any practical use whatsoever.
Spectrum: This is the interactive one. Clicking on the spectrum reveals a larger (but the same) spectrum to the right. You can perform some basic visual commands using the instructions below the output. This is currently using sample data from a JDX file. If you click on the thumbnail it disappears.

Use Chrome to test!

Hope #osddmalaria went well today. Was fun giving a short talk, looking forward to catching the recordings of all the others.

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Re bookmark functionality: would something like this work? +Matthew Todd +Katrina Badiola
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