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Shinji Ikari (碇 シンジ)
Second children, now married to Asuka Ikari.
Second children, now married to Asuka Ikari.


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A.I. 1:

What is it worth to be on a planet where all life is gone ? Good question ? I always thought this world is not for sharing it with all those people. If you see it that way, i was always alone. So nothing really changed with that impact, right ?

look to my side

But why i chose her to be at my side here ? She looks so pretty when she is sleeping. Maybe thats why i did that in the past. Luckily she will never know, she would kill me, even in that state she current is. She looks not seriously hurt.

bow to my side and look closer at the sleeping girl at my side

It is cold here, hope she is not to cold.

move my hand towards her and touch her hair slowly

get hit hard at my arm and is hold by a hand very tight

((this will be a closed RP - not comment or interfere the plot until i close it down))

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A.I. 0 :
This is the first day i write down my records.
Many things happened, and now i am alone, alone belong all the past, present and upcomming souls ever passed the gate from the source towards that world.
I personally never thought it ended up this way, but even more i not expected i am the one who can chose where to go on from now. Playing a bit god ? Why, just why me ?

All i wanted is to go away and have my world. I not wanted to pilot that giant machines, nor i want to deal with the fact that my actions united all. All became nothing now, or just become similar, which is almost the same.

I thought about the possible ways to start over ? Just stay in that state. Shapless, never alone, but also never togehter, unimportant. Possible to go everywhere and nowhere at the same time. No me and you, not us, not we, just a very big ONE.
Peacefull ? A calm ocean of red LCL, nothing changes, everything remains. A future, but not for real.

Back to normality on the other hand. A world without angels, with a normal daily life, a life i wished for so long. Where mom and dad still alive, where friends are, and i am just a boy, not the master of this god-like shit here. Wake up and kicked out of bed by your tsundere childhood friend, meet a new mysterious transfer student and that will be the day-by-day adventure ? Sounds like a good future. Maybe for you, but not for me.

Finally i decided to let this be the final moments for humanity. Walk out of this big ONE and just sit there and listen to the endless silence of a dead world till the final day come.
But why go the last part of the road alone and without any word to listen ? Maybe i did it cause i felt a bit lonely, maybe it was an inner wish in my heart which i not really realized myself until it was done, maybe it was a kind of love which must grow with the time, but the most simple solution why i not go along this road just by myself.
It just has to be that way

I woke up at an endless ocean, and all i see is a giant shape of a person i remember from the past. As i know Rei is far away, behind this reality, i guess it is just a part of my memories which mixed into this last stage of the planet. So i sit here and watch this giant "Rei" at the far sky in that red ocean. But i am not alone. Next to me lies a person i know. I not know why it was her i chose, but as i said before, maybe it just has to be that way.
She looks almost dead, but as i see her chest gently move up and down i know she is alive. What happens if she wake up. Bandage over arm and face, let´s hope she is not harmed too bad, i not have the abilities which Ritsuko-san have. I can not fix damaged bodies.
I am sure she not will like it to be dependend to a person, especially not me. So why she appeared here in that shape. Why ? Cause, you will know what i say now, cause it had to be that way.

look to my left and watch her breath

I don´t know why, but i am happy you are at my side.... Asuka


--------------------------- End A.I. 0

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Two good reasons to love google :3

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In Japan it is an hour past midnight and there is the third anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake. Most of us forgotten about it, but i still think about all what happened to that beautiful country, and my heart is still with all people who are still affected of this desaster.

Japan will never be the same again. The consequences of that event will affect Japan for many decades. Radiation is all around the powerplant. Children get sick, adults die cause of radiation, and the government tell the people all is right and shorten the restricted areas and let people return in uninhabitable areas. They should be ashamed cause the all do it for money. Those people are not able to be a part of the governement. So many things which went wrong there, but this is not the day to criticise the government. Today is the day to think about what is lost and to open our hearts for the people who still suffer cause of the biggest desaster that ever happend there.

Japan has changed my life like almost nothing else. My heart is with that country, my daughters will get japanese names as a sign of my deep love towards Japan, and i will never forget what was lost there 3 years ago.

As a sign of respect i refrain from social networking for the 11th March. Take a day off to respect the lost souls.

See you in 24 hours.


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FINALLY i found Google+Tan ~<3 

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Quick one from me. I will be back later.

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Added photos to Alisha's(Rainbow's) Birthday.

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Added photos to 3000 donations Celebration Party~!.

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