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Providing women with inspiration, strategies and support to live the life of their dreams!
Providing women with inspiration, strategies and support to live the life of their dreams!


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When you think about someone being a CEO, what comes to mind?
And how does that apply to you?

In a quick survey, here’s what women in my life said a CEO is responsible for:
-Is in charge of the direction
-Holds the vision, values and goals
-Knows how and what to delegate
-Builds and sustains a great team
-Holds the ultimate responsibility and is where the buck stops
-Leads everyone through good times and bad
-Is the one in charge who doesn’t give up when others do
-Has tough skin to receive criticism and either ignores it or uses it for growth
-Figures out complex issues
-Knows when to take charge and when to let go

Unless you are currently the CEO of a company, you may not think of yourself as a Chief Executive Officer.

But I urge you to carefully read each statement above, and I think you may look at being CEO a little differently.
No matter your job or your position, at the very least, you are the CEO of your life and your family’s life!

In today’s video, I ask three questions that will help you to see how well you are doing at being the CEO of your life.

If you know someone who this video might help make sure to share it with them or mention their @name in the comments below!

Read the rest of The SPARK! right here ->

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Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us that “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Today, I want to talk about something that all Women on Fire need to be aware of. And an issue I invite you to consider working to eliminate: racism and hate crimes.

In a Facebook post from our beloved and respected Women on Fire sister Sophfronia Scott, she told us about an unthinkable crime that was perpetrated against her brother, a U.S. Army veteran.

What you will see in this video below is how gracefully Wayne Scott responded to a disgraceful, revolting act of violence.

Watch the video and read more from Women on Fire founder +Debbie Phillips below.

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Silence is not an option
Silence is not an option
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Three ways to turn your bad day around FAST! 

In this short video, Women on Fire Founder Debbie Phillips shares three of her favorite ways to restart her day when it's going sideways. Discover how to turn your bad day and mood around in a matter of minutes!

Key strategies:
1. Stop. Slow down and interrupt your negative train of thought
2. Use the power of gratitude
3. Get support

Is someone you know having a bad day? Send them this video! And make sure to subscribe to this channel for more helpful videos to help you live your life like a Woman on Fire.

If you would like to receive Women on Fire videos straight to your inbox, sign up here -

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We’ve upgraded the way we provide you inspiration, strategies and support with a new video format to make communicating a little more personal.

Let me know if you like it!

My goal is that in three minutes or less you can learn something to lift you up in your life.

You know those times in your life when you wonder where you’re going? Those times when you feel you’ve fallen off your path — and you’re not sure which way to turn?

 If you need to get back on the road to the life you want, here are two strategies that will help you: 

xo Debbie
Founder, Women on Fire®

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We're back with sneak peek of what’s coming in your Women on Fire members’ care package for August.-->

This month we switched things up.

We went off book.

And we’re eager to see if you love it as much as we do.

Can you imagine the magic of an Academy Award-winning producer, one of the best writing coaches in the country and the founder of Women on Fire sitting down together for lunch?

Oh, to be a fly on that wall!

Well, in August, you CAN be that fly… if you want.

Now see yourself sharing in the insight and joy of these three brilliant women as they discuss and reflect upon another inspirational life, that of Peggy Freydberg, the celebrated poet who died last year at 107 years of age.

If you’re not yet part of our membership inner circle, please be our guest and listen in today for free to a clip of Debbie’s conversation with award-winning producer Laurie David and writing coach and author Nancy Aronie.

Laurie and Nancy brought Peggy’s extraordinary work to a wider audience in their new book, Poems from the Pond. 

Press PLAY for a quick (2:20) audio clip of this off-the-charts inspiring lunch date. Join us before July 31st to receive the full conversation from the clip you just heard smile emoticon

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Tune in LIVE to watch our founder +Debbie Phillips discuss how to harness the power of community within your business with +Ande Lyons in 15 min.! It's going to be off-the-charts inspiring, you won't want to miss it. :)
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Check out our Book To Live by for July!

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I can't wait to introduce you to another one of our inspiring Women on Fire monthly members! This Woman on Fire! lives in the mountains of Colorado Springs and spends her days traveling the world at 35,000 feet above ground as a flight attendant! You’ll be inspired by her fearless spirit and you’ll never guess the famous part she played while attending The Ohio State University. Click below to meet this amazing woman!
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Do you feel like you’re drowning in clutter that has piled up over the year? Are you ready to simplify and streamline your space to set you and your family up for more success? 
Or maybe you find yourself dreading the thought of spring-cleaning and aren’t even sure where to begin. 

If you answered YES to even one of the questions above, this upcoming interview with two of our favorite organizing experts is for you! You’ll discover how to easily bring more organization, efficiency and stylish structure into your home from the best in the business! ->

In the full interview package, you’ll discover:

The No. 1 way to tackle spaces that cause you stress
A fail-safe method for keeping your home clean
How to organize your kitchen for health and convenience
Why creating a daily schedule will transform your home
How to help loved ones to let go of keepsakes
All that plus you’ll discover how to stay on top of daily tidying up without feeling like you’re constantly cleaning.

Register by the end of day on March 29 to receive the full interview to the clip you just heard! Join us here ->

#womenonfire   #springcleaningtips   #Neathmethod   #organizingtips  
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Do you ever feel stale and stuck?  And, wonder how to shake things up?  Do you sometimes wish you could just hit a re-set button to get going again?
Late last fall I was feeling stagnant about my creativity and set a goal to do something “out of the box.”
I had no idea exactly what that would be. Until … 

Read more from founder +Debbie Phillips in this week's SPARK! below.
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