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Advanced Rest Client Application for Google Chrome
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Let's test the prototype!
As you may know lately I have worked on new version of the Advanced Rest Client application. It will change... well, pretty all!  Minor changes will cover: storage - change from deprecated WebSQL to IndexedDb projects to become "requests groups" - old proje...
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It is caused by chrome API error. It works fine on stable channel but it is not on other. I've reported an issue with an API. I'll remove those function from the app very quickly but it will also remove it's new functionality which is setting prohibited by the spec HTTP headers (like cookie, host, date etc). It will also cause a problem with reading all response headers (some of them are not allowed to read as well). So I need do some testing before release.
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+Robert Kuhar You asked me about apps permission. 
1) access data on all websites - it is require by the application to do its work. It mean that the app can actually make HTTP request to any URL. Without this permission all requests are limited to "inside the application" only.
2) History permission - I already described it on my blog: When I first introduced this feature there were no "Optional permissions" in Chrome which makes Chrome API access available on demand when the user expictly allow it.
I'm thinking about redesigning the app to require less permissions on install and less permissions for Google Drive integration.
I hope you still enjoy my app :)
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Find me @ Google IO today or tomorrow!
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New cool feature in ARC - CodeMirror integration for HTTP headers and payload panel. Check this out!
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Chrome extensions cooperation! Now ARC can cooperate with REST Sniffer (available in Chrome Web Store).
I'm happy to inform you that first application use Advanced Rest Client API to extend its functionality. REST Sniffer is an extension to debug API calls for Facebook, Twitter and whatever endpoint you...
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Sockets testing in Rest Client
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Hi there,
Have you ever tried to implement HTTP 1.1 protocol in javascript?
Well, now I know it is possible :)

One of current limitations of the app is setting a specific list of headers (cookie, user-agent etc) because of limitation of XmlHttpRequest object in javascript (for security reasons). Last year I have implemented declarativeWebRequest API in the app. Thanks to this API the app was able to override those headers. However for last year this API is in beta channel. So many of you just can't use it.

Lately Google has lunched so called Packaged Apps in Chrome Web Store. This kind of applications have some additional API available. One of it is a socket API. So I've started changing the app to implement HTTP 1.1 protocol in javascript. 
After over a week of reading specs, drawing algorithms and finally programming I'm happy to inform you about upcoming changes in the app.

- Upgrade from legacy app to Chrome Packaged App.
- replace browser's XmlHttpRequest as a transport with raw implementation of the HTTP 1.1 protocol using sockets
- total redesign of the application

It will take some time to fully implement sockets (I've just managed to read various types of responses, still need some tuning). Nevertheless I think that in next two months I'll be able to introduce new version of the app. 
Keep your fingers crossed ;)

Happy RESTing
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Can't wait. The limitation of specific headers are very, well, limiting.
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If you ever wonder if is anything happening with the app, well, I'm working on new version. See what's changes.
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Well, there is an API for that. The app is actually already implemented this API. However it is available for Chrome beta and higher channels. If you install beta channel you'll be able to set not permitted by the spec headers.
Note: there is an issue there. If the request is redirected it won't work! It will be fixed in new version of the app.
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For those who have problems with saving on Google Drive 
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If you have a concerns about new permissions for Google Drive - you should read this post. 
All required permissions are important from application POV. And it not impact any of your files on Google Drive.
Hi all, Recently I've received an email from one of you. Someone asked me why do I need those permissions to connect to Google Drive. Well, below is my answer: My app is using following scopes for Goo...
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I hope you'd like this feature ;)
Magic variables are now enabled in Rest Client. For start: just two: ${random} to generate random number and ${now} to insert current time.
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Contact Information
Contact info
Advanced Rest Client for Google Chrome
Advanced REST client for Google Chrome. 

  • JSON response viewer 
  • XML response viewer 
  • set custom headers 
  • help filling default HTTP 1/1 headers (hint + code completion)
  • add headers list as raw data or via form 
  • construct POST or PUT body via raw input, form or send file(s) with request 
  • set custom form encoding 
  • remember last request (save current form state and restore on load) 
  • save (Ctrl+S) and open (Ctrl+O) different request forms 
  • history support 
  • read cookies from request (experimental) 

It use XMLHttpRequest level 2 and File API to send forms and files via javascript.

And it's free and it will be free :)
Source code available on