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James Bean
Interests: Spirituality, Meditation, Rare Books, Sacred Texts, World Scriptures, Teachings of the Masters, Working to Promote the Vegan Diet, and Education For A More Peaceful Planet
Interests: Spirituality, Meditation, Rare Books, Sacred Texts, World Scriptures, Teachings of the Masters, Working to Promote the Vegan Diet, and Education For A More Peaceful Planet

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The Inner Experience -- Mystic Poetry of Sant Tulsi Sahib

That the soul resides in the body is known
only to the one who has experienced it

Who has adorned his chamber of Sukhmana*
and fixed his attention on the Sunn** [Void],

Who has himself seen the reflection in the
mirror within, alone values this truth;

Even as the oyster pining for the drop,

O Tulsi, knows its worth indeed.

-- Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras

Only the inner experience of withdrawing the soul current from the body leads to the realization that the soul inhabits the body. Such a one will experience the soul’s journey through the Sukhmana and Sunn*.


Sukhmana or Shushumna is the central current or canal in the subtle body which is located beyond the eye center and traversed by means of spiritual practice according to the instructions of a true Master.

** The third spiritual region in the journey of the soul;

* It is believed in Indian folklore that it is only a raindrop falling into the mouth of an oyster that develops into a pearl. Thus the oyster is supposed to be pining for the raindrop

Tulsi Sahib Books Online

Tulsi Sahib — Saint of Hathras — Mystic Verses — Mystics of the East Series — E-Book (J.R. Puri/V.K. Sethi Translation) at the Internet Archive:

Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras — Short Biographical Sketch Plus Excerpts from the Shabdavali (Hymns), and, Ghat Ramayan — E-Book (S.D. Maheshwari Translation) at the Internet Archive:

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October 2018 Spiritual Awakening Radio -- Show Titles

10/2/2018: The Jap Ji (Morning Prayer) of Guru Nanak;
(CHSR Program # 640)

10/9/2018: Being A Spiritual Warrior in A World of Illusion (Anurag Sagar Series);
(CHSR Program # 641)

10/16/2018: Radhasoami Mat Prakash (Light on the Teachings of the Lord of the Soul);
(CHSR Program # 642)

10/23/2018: Exploring Sant Mat Teachings Found in the Hindu Scriptures;
(CHSR Program # 643)

10/30/2018: Readings from Tulsi Sahib, Maharshi Mehi, and Swami Vyasanand;
(CHSR Program # 644)

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The eight limbs of yoga as outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are as follows:

1. Yama – “restraints” or right attitude toward our environment; there are five and include ahimsa (nonviolence), satya (truthfulness), asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (sexual responsibility), and aparigraha (non-possessiveness).
2. Niyama – “observances” or right attitude toward ourselves, of which there are five, including saucha (purity), santosha (contentment), tapas (self-discipline), svadhyaya (study of self and scriptures), and isvarapranidhana (surrender to God).
3. Asana – “seat” or “posture,” the physical practice of yoga poses which should be done balancing ease (sukha) and effort (sthira).
4. Pranayama – “control of vital life force” or breathing exercises
5. Pratyahara – “withdrawal of the senses” or drawing the attention inward to discover the source of the senses
6. Dharana – “concentration” or the practice of meditation
7. Dhyana – “clarity” that arises from meditation practice, or the state of meditation
8. Samadhi – bliss, enlightenment, oneness, the ultimate reward of meditation

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PODCAST: A Brief Introduction to Sant Mat, The Path of the Masters -- (Length of Podcast: 17 Minutes): A Satsang Edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio With James Bean:

* Seeking information on how to be initiated into the meditation practice (the Inner Light and Sound of God), or trying to locate a satsang meetup in your area of the world? Email me here:
James (at) SpiritualAwakeningRadio (dot) com

* Introduction to Sant Mat Spirituality and Meditation:

God is the Ocean of Love, and Souls are Drops from this Ocean.

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Spiritual Awakening Radio

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A book that's about YOU: The #Gnostic Hymn of the Pearl:

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Kabir on Eating Meat: Kabir is so feisty on this subject. The neverending slaughter of countless billions of lives no doubt has something to do with this I suspect.

Kabir on Eating Meat
Kabir on Eating Meat

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"Without a qualified teacher, the student cannot go beyond the Ocean of Samsara (cycle of death and rebirth). The inner path to the Divine is very subtle. It is arduous and is very difficult to tread. Without diligent practice, the destination seems very distant. Furthermore, the seeker experiences many temptations and obstacles. The student faces many inner struggles and temptations (that are likened to thieves and robbers who seek to rob the student of his accomplishments). These impediments cannot be removed without the assistance of the Satguru, a true teacher." (Swami Vyasanand)

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Kirpal Singh speaking in English and the quality of the recording is nice. Enjoy!

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