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Florida may overhaul alimony system
Check out this article about how Florida lawmakers are attempting to overhaul the state's alimony system. A bill that recently passed a key House subcommittee vote would eliminate most current forms of alimony, including permanent alimony. Instead, alimony would be calculated based on both the length of a marriage and the difference between both spouses' incomes. If the bill passes, Florida would join a growing number of states that have eliminated permanent alimony in recent years.

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Know how to move forward with your divorce
Every divorce is different and has unique challenges. The more time you spend preparing for what will happen, the more control you may have over the process. To learn more about some of the measures you may take for your divorce, please read the article below.

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Being smart and preparing for divorce
Check out this article about divorce and how spouses should do more to ensure they are prepared before calling an end to an unhappy marriage. Lack of preparation can have serious financial consequences, particularly so for spouses who are not typically in charge of finances in the household. Other types of preparation, such as opening separate bank accounts and consulting with legal professionals, can go a long way in ensuring a smooth divorce.

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Divorce in Florida: This basic info can ease the process
Getting a divorce in Florida? Then this article is for you. Having a basic understanding of the process can help ease the stress.
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