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Are atheists terrorists?

Saudi Arabia has just passed a new law declaring atheists are terrorists.

My position:  No.  Atheists are sometimes rude and obnoxious, but not terrorists.

Elaboration:  I've chatted with many atheists.  Only a few have advocated blowing up mosques or nuking Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia has introduced a series of new laws which define atheists as terrorists, according to a report from Human Rights Watch.
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coming from the nation that harboured bin laden
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Can intelligence be reduced to an equation?

My position:  Undecided.

Elaboration:  Alex Wissner-Gross has proposed an equation for intelligence detailed in the video below.  But does it hold water?  It's debatable.
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Maybe some large set of simultaneous equations, with uncertainty.
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Is "Truth + God = Life" Debatable?

Religious t-shirts proclaim this equation to be true.  The equation has algebraic consequences elaborated below.

My position:  No, it is not debatable.  It is impossible to accept or deny this equation without contradicting your position.

Elaboration:  If "Truth + God = Life" then "Truth = Life - God" by algebraic transposition.  Maybe theists don't know algebra?
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I know the feeling... I moved away from the supermarket and started buying from people I think I can trust... ;-)

I agree with you that those things are not just a believe, but a way of life. What I meant with the first line is that we important thing is to go for what you believe in. That is 'your own' way of life. For everyone of us a little bit different.

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Jules Korngold

Discussion  - 
Is Korngold's Law true?

Korngold's Law states:   In discussion of any conflict in the world, Israel will be mentioned.

My position:  Yes.

Supporting evidence:  I've never seen it fail - even in a discussion of the crisis in the Ukraine.
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Jules Korngold

Politics and Public Policy  - 
Should Israel Stop Assassinating Iranian Nuclear Scientists?

My position:  Undecided.

Elaboration:  On the one hand, assassination is not nice and could be considered an act of war.

On the other hand, Iran's support of terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas could be considered an outright threat against Israel.

Why I posted this topic:  I'm looking for sound logic, good reasoning, and strong evidence to help me make my mind up on this issue.
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+Bryan May
bombing defenseless innocent people is not the answer dear. besides, it is depressing. lift them up from 'savagery', restore their lives, their joy and local land. never underestimate people's true potential and the fun you'll have that way. we people are actually crafted 'good and bad' by our circumstances only, so you'll be most productive improving those circumstances for everyone involved. on that path, you might actually learn something too.

so... to end positively realistic; who wants Chomski's nuclear free Middle East proposal (via local peace process) on the table?
is there any support for that please?
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Is Springsteen's "Born in the USA" a patriotic song?

My position:  No.

Elaboration:  Listen to the lyrics.  It is saying America sucks.
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I agree with all that except the insertion of 'G-d' in it. Most all of us have different beliefs, some including the 'G-d' concept, others not, so keep the religion out of our collective lives and practice and interact withit amongst 'yourselves', or face the consequences! We, who are NOT 'christians, resent your arrogance of imposing your beliefs on us, just as much as Muslims do the same! We are free, and not all believe 'under G-d'!
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Jules Korngold

Politics and Public Policy  - 
Should the 10 cities listed below be separated from the United States of America?

The Most Dangerous Cities in the United States: Top 10
Camden, New Jersey
Flint, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan
Oakland, California
St. Louis, Missouri
Cleveland, Ohio
Gary, Indiana
Newark, New Jersey
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Birmingham, Alabama

My position:  Yes.

Elaboration:  Isolate the criminals and lower the national crime rate.
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How would you achieve this (assuming you were crazy enough to try)? I for one would love to hear the hilarious arguments for how A) 10 large population centres will be contained? B) How relatives on the outside of those inside the quarantine will be dealt with and C) How assets inside the quarantine owned by people and businesses on the outside will be paid for? 
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Jules Korngold

General Debate  - 
Is Korngold's Law true?

Korngold's Law states:   In discussion of any conflict in the world, Israel will be mentioned.

My position:  Yes.

Supporting evidence:  I've never seen it fail - even in a discussion of the crisis in the Ukraine.
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+John Doe Your Zionist claim falls under the Wackadoodle Law:  Wackadoodles see Zionist conspiracies everywhere.
Theists love to ask, "If humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes?"

The picture below beautifully counters that question.

My position:  Evolution is evidence-based.  The story of Adam and Eve is for the gullible.
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"If gawd made Adam from earth why is there still earth?" Is this supposed to be an ah ha! question for the truly dim?  If I made a desk from wood and then paper from wood and ask why is there still wood as I look at the trees, am I not truly lost?
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"Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better". - Jim Rohn
"What do we learn from this?"  The core question asked by Talmudic scholars.

I love to learn and participate in robust discussions, respectful dialogues and debates as tools to that end.  I will change my mind for solid evidence, compelling reasoning, and sound logic.  I'm ranked 53rd out of the jabillion debaters on .

Favorite saying:  "The early bird may get the worm, but the 2nd mouse gets the cheese."

Favorite insight:  "Belief:  An emotional attachment to an idea.
Knowledge:  An awareness of the evidence for an idea.

Belief requires no evidence and knowledge requires no belief."

My current hobbies are chess, poker, trivia night, shmoozing at our local senior center and exploring Google+ .
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