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I help people start-up new businesses and existing businesses develop more profitably
I help people start-up new businesses and existing businesses develop more profitably


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with the up-coming EU referendum it's hard to find facts between the scaremongering and political twists. Seems to be a reasonable place to begin (although their facts about ££ contributions are hard numbers and omit the cost to the country of additional EU citizens settling here). Any thoughts?

Thinking of planning a new business this summer? Here's a good place to start >

Interesting seeing the north and south differences in the UK. Weird how 100 miles can make such a difference!

Website marketing tip: your website should be all about your customer, their challenges and how you can solve them. More "you" and less "we" and "our".

Need new contacts? Do you find it hard to develop new business relationships? Then have a read of our networking development guide.

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This goes for twitter and G+ also
Top 10 Tips for Facebook Business Page

Social networking and social media promoting ar the 2 of the 3 major components of net promoting, the opposite one being computer programme improvement. after you are attempting to make the most social networks like Facebook, your 1st objective is to develop a robust presence thus you’ll be able to get noticed , produce a bigger reach and find individuals to love your complete, merchandise and services. In different words, you wish Facebook fans.

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So +Matt Cutts undertakes various 30 day challenges (such as no email/ online tweeting etc) and as April is approaching I thought I would start a challenge. I'm thinking of keeping my email inbox to below 25 emails at close of play (currently 290 so have some cleaning up to do)

Brilliant piece by Richard Branson on 10 tips for success as an entrepreneur or simple startup

Nearly 80,000 new companies have been born in the UK so far this year. Good luck to all you entrepreneurs

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Here's hoping that all businesses, small and large, are coping better this week after the awful floods around the UK last week. The government has announce a small £10m fund to help businesses affected as well as the lifting of penalties for filing of accounts and VAT.
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